I am Crossing Jordan. Are You?


Welcome to my writer’s journal, to my journey of faith to follow the God I love in a world I sometimes hate, and to our chance to wander together through this wilderness in search of God’s promises.

Welcome to a one-cup of coffee, Sunday afternoon conversation {in 500 words or less} on real life sweetened with Grace and Truth. For His Grace is true and His Truth is gracious.

Welcome to a community of wives, mothers, daughters, and Jesus lovers where we share great reads, my mini-series, and your real-life chronicles through seemingly impossible tasks and out onto the banks of God’s goodness and Grace.

Welcome to my fascination with all things Israel, all things symbolic of the Christian’s journey out of Egyptian slavery and into the Land flowing with milk and honey. Here you’ll find thoughts on:

Living in Slavery {Living in Egypt}

From honest skepticism of Jesus’ friendship with sinners, to my struggle to forgive those in my past, I write it all down for the fly on the wall.

Escaping Slavery {Crossing the Red Sea}

I just love how Tenth Avenue North pens our struggle with sin: We are free to struggle, but we’re not struggling to be free. We’re already free in Christ. We’re already equipped to do something in His name. We’re already dressed in our dancing shoes.

40 Years in the Desert {Wandering the Wilderness}

Noah spent 40 days and 40 nights aboard an otherwise deserted ark {save for a few thousand animals}. Israel spent the first 40 years of their story in the desert. Jesus spent the first 40 days of his public ministry in the desert. A coincidence? No. God uses the desert to build the Christian’s story and prepare His people for ministry.

Seeing God’s Future and Hope {Crossing the Jordan}

“Grace contains the essence of the gospel as a drop of water can contain the image of the sun.” {Philip Yancy, What’s so Amazing About Grace?} On this side of the Jordan, on this side of eternity, storms rage, but we are washed in Grace that falls like rain. And the raging waters before you? Become rivers of wild Grace. God’s future and hope await the other side of the crossing.

Standing on the Promises of God {Living in the Promised Land}

God gives men promises to see if they will trust Him. – Richard Sibbs.

Abraham was fully convinced that what God had promised He was also able to perform. This, my friends, is called, “Righteousness.” So just how do we grow in righteousness? Learn to trust the signs – the visible illustrations of something that cannot be seen. Maybe even a image of someone who can not yet be seen? God places signs all over Scripture.

As we study the signs that point to God’s promises, we’re really unearthing opportunities to trust God – to become more fully convinced that what God has promised He is also able to perform. We’re girding our loins to step out in faith into the Spring-swollen raging-rivers traversing our paths, and onto the solid shores of His Promised Land.

I am Crossing Jordan. Are you?

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