Coffee with Jesus @ Christmas

He ignored the ringing phone. She did too. I dialed two separate cell phones residing under the same roof, but this time their stony silence simply skimmed over old scars.  Their distance drove me further in, instead of further away. I think I finally learned to forgive.

coffee with jesus2

Let me back up…

A few weeks ago I started a Good Morning Girls bible study on giving thanks {You can read more about it: HERE}. What began as a study of thankfulness ended as a study of Grace, of unmerited favor, of forgiveness.

I learned a few other things about giving thanks as well:

  • In 1 Chron 16:7-36, I learned that to thank the Lord is to yadah the Lord, to worship Him with extended hands.  Think outstretched, open, and empty hands.  Think hands ready to catch whatever comes from above, hands open to whatever God wills, and hands emptied of yesterday’s junk.
  • In Psalm 100, I learned that thanksgiving naturally leads to praise. An act of the will leads to an outpouring of the heart. When the eyes focus upon the Lord’s goodness, the soul can’t help but sing.
  • I learned that unforgiveness quenches the Spirit {1 Thes 5:12-18}, that thanksgiving brings a unity of Peace {Phil 4:4-9}, and giving thanks serves the Lord acceptably, reverently, and honorably {Hebrews 12:22-29}.

But mostly I realized my need to forgive. I desired open-handed worship.  I craved not only the words of the Gospel, but the glorious music of the Gospel.  I dreaded the thought that I had already quenched the Spirit.

It seemed trite at the time – this choosing {yet again} to release the past and grab hold of my future in Christ.  Yet, when I picked up the phone on Thanksgiving, fear, frustration, and feelings of inferiority fled.  Alienation, rejection, and desertion skipped the assembly. Only love remained.

coffee with jesus4

A year ago I questioned Jesus’ friendship. Could a man fully human and yet fully God befriend a sinner like me? I mean, who can call Jesus, “friend” when He can never share a cup of coffee, or chat on the phone, or exchange gifts at Christmas?

Today, I’m fully convinced I have a friend in Jesus.  He met me in my car Monday.

During the wee morning drive home, sleeping children and a malfunctioning CD player kept the peace. I prayed as I sipped my DD {America Runs on Dunkin’!} and thought through my Thanksgiving. My parents ignored my phone calls, and yet I sat there in the driver’s seat happy, light-hearted, and free.  I almost felt like flying.

coffee with jesus

All of a sudden I wanted nothing more than to enjoy life. To take pleasure in my children, to cherish my husband, to experience life! I never expected this gift of joy, this freedom from the cloak of anger worn for so many years. I never expected to receive such a gift while I chatted with my friend, Jesus, over a cup of coffee, just before Christmas.

May He find you this holiday season, coffee or not.  He’s such a good friend.

Photo Credits {HERE}. Mary DeMuth writes prolifically on the topic of forgiveness and living the uncaged life. You can check out her writing {HERE}.

Might I Pray for Us?

Dear Friend,

You are always near.  You wait expectant to bless us with joy.  You wait patient until we choose Your Way. We confess that we are slow to learn and even slower to obey.  We are like toddlers stomping our feet and placing our hands on our hips. Thank you for waiting.  Thank you for inviting us to coffee with You this Christmas. Amen.


8 thoughts on “Coffee with Jesus @ Christmas

  1. Love it Tracey, thanks for sharing! Love what God has freed you from, thanks for inviting us to walk with you! Love you! Jenn

  2. What a wonderful FREEDOM we have in HIM and only can we find it there…and keep it there…and now passing it on to our kiddos. A true heritage! I am singing “What a friend we have in Jesus,
    all our sins and griefs to bear!
    What a privilege to carry
    everything to God in prayer!
    O what peace we often forfeit,
    O what needless pain we bear,
    all because we do not carry
    everything to God in prayer. ” Doesn’t that song just share that feeling?! Love to you my friend. I love the intimacy our Jesus brings into our lives…its quite an affair!

    • Dear Stacey – You nailed it. It is, “quite an affair.” I’m still skipping around at the memory of it all. And still marveling that I can’t explain forgiveness any better now than anyone else did for me before I experience the lifting.

  3. Oh, my sweet “sister from another mother” — I have prayed for this freedom for you. Near tears reading that you are embracing how much you are truly loved. Best Christmas gift ever! Love you!

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