Grace Ruins Everything {Really. It Does}

Grace ruins everything.


I mean it.  Grace trashes my accomplishments.  Grace damages all sense of self-righteousness.  Grace spoils my self-indulgence. Grace ruins everything.

Take, for example, my house last Monday.  Thunder rolled, but no clouds filled the sky.  Lightning crashed, but birds sang politely outside my window.  No.  The raging storm flared from within.  Inside the screened in porch to be exact.  Alpha male-child fumed at Alpha female-child in a good ol’ fashion death match of the mouth.  Yes, there were injuries.  But the sharpest sword pierced neither of their hearts.  It cut mine straight through.

“Those are my children!”

“Those are my children?”

Oh my God.  Have my children become those children? Those children I secretly grin at when they belong to another mom. Those children I’m certain have not had their fair share of basic butt paddling. Those children whose mere name sends public school teachers running and neighborhood watch ladies calling 911.  Have my children become those children?!

Their actions affected my beliefs.  But what if my beliefs rightly affected my actions?  What if I really believed His Grace was sufficient for me (2 Cor 12:9)?  Then must I not also believe my sufficiency arises only as His Grace gratifies?


If I believed the gospel, if I believed that God is more glorious than my accomplishments, my reputation, or even my happiness, then…

  • Wouldn’t their squabble cease to trash my Mommy approval rating and instead, rightly appear as sinful children in need of a Savior {and a Mommy to direct their journey}?
  • Wouldn’t their relational failure stop damaging my confidence as mother? Wouldn’t I, instead, speak into their hearts as a messenger already approved by God to be entrusted with the Good News? (1 Thes 2:4)


  • Wouldn’t this match of youthful strife cease to spoil my self-indulgent quest for peace and tranquility, and instead beckon me to real Peace, the Prince of Peace? {For Peace IS Person}

See?  Grace trashes my ample accomplishments, damages self-righteousness, and spoils my self-indulgence. Grace ruins everything.  And Thank God for that!

Might I Pray for Us?

Dearest Jesus, the Prince of Peace,

You are the only True source of salvation, our only True source of sufficiency.  We confess that we have exchanged the truth of God for a lie (Rom 1:25) and sought sufficiency in everything from power, to approval, to comfort, to control, nearly all created things, instead of The Creator.  Thank you that your Grace is made perfect in our weakness, for we are weak…and sinful.  May the glorious truth of the gospel reign in our hearts today.  May the belief that YOU are more glorious than our accomplishments, our reputation, or even our happiness ring clear and True today.


Notes of Encouragement

Words of Affirmation