Do Something! {How to Live the Perfect Life p.FINAL}

Paul. A Pharisee. An Extra-Super-Holy Person {according to The Jesus Storybook Bible.}

Do Something8

Every day he would stand out there in the middle of the street and pray out loud in a big Extra-Super-Holy Voice.  He really wasn’t praying so much as just showing off.  People walking by would stop and stare, which might sound rude – except that’s exactly what Paul wanted.  He wanted everyone to say, “Look at him. He’s so holy.  God must love him best.” {paraphrased, p222}

At least, he was a Pharisee…until Jesus.

Paul was one who chose to set himself apart for the sake of religion. Now, because of Jesus, he became an apostle set apart for the gospel of God.

Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, an Apostle by the selection of God, given authority as a preacher of the good news {Romans 1:1, BBE}

Once a Pharisee dedicated to the destruction of all things {and all people} Christian, now a bond servant to the very message of Christ.  A message of grace and apostleship to bring about faithful obedience, for the sake of Christ’s name, among all the nations {Romans 1:5}.

Not a message of condemnation  and exclusion, but a message of hope and eternal identity.  Not a message merely to the elite, the educated, the enlightened.  But a message to the world. His name, Christ, spread among all the nations.

Do Something3

Pastor Larry Trotter from Mission to the World asked this question last Sunday: “Have you ever received a gift intended for another?  Not mistakenly, but intentionally targeted to deliver a gift to another?”

Now bearing the unexpected offering, you are in debt. Yup. I said debt.  You owe it to the gift giver to deliver the package not only in tact, but on time.  You are under an obligation you can not cancel.

This is the gift of the Gospel. The message of Christ:  his life, his death, his forgiveness, his righteousness offered to the world.  It is a gift of grace not intended for you alone. If you have the message of Christ, you now hold the very righteousness of Christ intended for the world. You have the gift in your hands.  Will you take it to the nations? Will you use it to invite the nations to Christ?

Or will you store the message of the Gospel, perhaps like a pledge to a secret society, or a Pharisee’s collection of spiritual treasure?

Do Something4

Remember Jennie Allen’s book Anything?  Remember how when I stop stressing over my pursuit of the perfect American life, and start pursuing the perfectly holy presence of Christ in me, I can follow God through anything?

Well, the time has come to turn anything into something. As Matthew West sings, its not enough to do nothing.  It’s time for us to do something. It’s time to do anything.  Are you ready for anything?

We’re going to continue preaching the Gospel to the poor, healing the brokenhearted, proclaiming liberty to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind.  But we’re going to do it in word and in deed.

Do Somthing2

Crossing Jordan is going to carry the gift of the gospel to the nations.  To the poor, the hungry, the destitute, the enslaved. The nations may be beyond the borders of my American dream, but they are not beyond the reach of my heavenly Father. For we preach the Gospel indeed if we spend ourselves for the sake of the Cross.

Will you help us raise $1000?
{Yes!  That’s really a $1000 God Sized Dream!!}.

Will you declare with me and others, “I am {a very big part of} Crossing Jordan.” I am the hands and the feet that bring the Good News.  I am the voice of the martyrs.  I am parchment that the Good News is written upon.

Will you become part of the something, anything to help others declare, “I {Yes, I} am Crossing Jordan!”

{Don’t worry.  There’s more to come…Anything sure is turning out to be somethin‘, isn’t it?}

Do Something9

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Might I Pray for Us?

Dear Jesus,

The Author and Perfecter of my faith. Set us apart for the glory of the Gospel.  Set us apart for the glory of Your Name.  Show us the way, Your way into the nations.  Your way into the hearts of the hurting and the lost.  The sick and the enslaved.  The poor and the weak. Show us the way home. Amen.