The Valley of Vision, Revised Tracey Edition, 1.0

I read just one page of the Valley of Vision every morning. Even when I know I won’t have time for more than the words it takes to consume my coffee, I open up this collection of Puritan prayers and devotions to help calm my anxious heart and set my eyes on Jesus. I highly recommend it (and I’m not even monetizing those comments!)

Valley of Vision

South Moravian region of the Czech Republic

Well, today’s prayer socked me in the gut. It so perfectly put into words all the ideas and visions floating around in my head regarding this children’s book proposal, that I had to share it. Only, in order to keep your attention (and reduce the chance that you’d get lost in the ‘thees’ and ‘thous’ I re-worded a few lines. OK. Maybe a few more than a few. But I’ve got juvenile hearts on my mind. My friend Sohee suggested the whole book be re-written for kids. I kinda agree.)

Here you are:

The Greatest News (p.217)

O God who towers over even the tallest skyscraper

You are the Creator of each end of the earth

the Ruler of the universe,

the Supreme Court Justice of all men,

the Crown of the church ,

the Savior of sinners.

Your greatness is unsearchable

Your goodness has no fine print

Your kind heart never stops beating

Your gifts never crumble by way of the cookie

Your mercies refresh us like a rushing spring book

Greatest Story


We bless You for writing the Greatest Story Ever Told – the Bible – our map to salvation

How life-giving, perfecting fitting, and promising are Your Truths, oaths, and invitations to the Gospel of Peace!

We are lost: but in the Gospel You beat the drum for a full, free, and never-ending liberty

We are weak: but in the Gospel we get wise to the help that is found in Jesus, the One who is Mighty to Save.

We are poor: but in the Gospel we discover a gold mine in the Sahara Desert

We are blind: but we find that Peace is a treasure of wisdom and knowledge


San Galano Abbey, Tuscany, Italy

We thank You for Your awesome gift of Your Son – our one and only Shelter, our Academy of Truth, our Hope, and Assurance of a Favorable Verdict.

We depend upon His death, rest in His righteousness, desire to reflect His image like a mirror to the world.

May His glory fill our minds, His love call the shots in our relationships, His cross provoke us to love one another as He has loved us.

And may every place and company we are in benefit from our presence!

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May God bless your every day, and may your every day bring glory to His name. Amen.


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