God’s Unfinished Sentence {Tangible Motherhood p.2}

I AM who I AM. 

God’s name given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.  God’s finished proclamation.  And yet, as Chris Sicks points out in his book, Tangible, God’s unfinished sentence.

I AM is an invitation to all people who need help…It is an unfinished sentence that becomes complete when we see God through the lens our need (p75).

Chris wrote these words the every-day evangelist, the minister of mercy in every pew seeking to make God known to a hurt and dying world.  But last week I asked a question to the mother inside me:

Isn’t this call to make God known most imminent, most vital, and most tangible right here inside my four walls?

What would happen if I stopped just surviving each day, and started living for the chance to reveal God’s attributes in tangible ways?  Living for the moments when I get to say to my children, “You think I care about you? Let me tell you about the One who really cares about you.”

unfinished sentences2If God is my all in all, my I AM, then He not only fulfills all that I’ll ever need, but all that I’ll ever need is fulfilled in Him. He becomes complete to me when I see Him through the lens of my need. He becomes complete to my children in the same way.

For example:

  • How am I ever going to handle all this? I AM your Peace {Ephesians 2:14}.
  • Is anyone on my side? I AM your Advocate {Hebrews 9:24}.
  • I just want to run and hide. I AM your Hiding Place {Psalm 32:7}.

But seeing God through the lens of my need is a scary prospect, for it also reveals my sin.

I have a little book that I open every morning called The Valley of Vision Here, in the prayers of the saints past, I first read about the relationship between my needs and my sins.

It is thy mercy to afflict  and try me with wants,

for by these trials I see my sins,

and desire severance from them.

Sin tortures and torments me with its very presence.  It’s like a bully that won’t concede without a fight. But when Jesus entered my life, His rule replaced sin’s tyranny (Valley, p161). The enemy of my enemy entered the ring, but He didn’t take up my fight.  Instead He rang the bell and started the battle of my life!

He ushered in the trials that would increase my desire for God and God’s intervention in my life. He increased my need.  He cracked my stony heart wide open to the realization that I need, and don’t merely want, intimate relationship with an almighty, all powerful, all knowing God.

unfinished sentences3

If Christ is to abide in the place of my sins (my worldly efforts to live life without God and thus have no pressing needs) then when I invite Christ into my life, I’m inviting a conflict of interest through my front door.  I’m asking for an invitation into the boxing ring with my enemy on a bad-hair day.  I’m asking for a fight. Sin and Satan hate Truth and Christ.

But there is Good News: the Gospel.  And this broadcast headlines God’s unfinished sentences.

  • Wait! I’m in the middle of a battle I don’t know how to fight. I AM the LORD who will fight for you {Exodus 14:14}.
  • Help! I’m hurt. That was a low blow. I AM your Comforter {John 14:6}. I AM your Healer {Exodus 15:26}.
  • How in the world am I supposed to tackle this enemy? His schemes and tactics keep changing. I AM your Savior in Times of Trouble {Jeremiah 14:8} and I will give you wisdom without finding fault {James 1:5}.

Now, to let Him speak right here inside my four walls.  Right here at the edge of each child’s bed at night.  Right here inside the doors of my minivan. That is my Mother’s prayer.  That is my desire.  That is Tangible Motherhood.

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Might I Pray for Us?

Dearest Jesus,

We need you.  While we live this life as if we had no need of you, we need you desperately.  Come.  Abide. Take up residence and may your rule replace sin’s tyranny.  Thank you for making our need of you clear through the trials of life.  Help us to not only live as though you have already claimed the victory, but share your Good News with the little ones under our roof, the children of the One True King. Amen.