Well, whose wilderness is this anyway?


It’s my Exodus story, my journey as a child of the Living God (!), and yet a product of a faithless generation – the Exodus generation. I struggle, like Israel, to mother a new, faith-full generation: the Jericho generation.  Without the benefit of experiencing faithful parenting myself, I walk tentatively in my new-found freedom, battle the urge to think and act like a slave, and transparently wrestle my wilderness, weekly, in print.


You too desire to raise a Jericho Generation?  Faith-full, strong, and courageous?  You too wander the wilderness opposite the Promised Land, desperate to remember God’s mighty acts of yesterday, God’s standards today, and God’s promises for tomorrow? You too escaped slavery and now desire to walk in the Lord’s freedom?

The Lord’s.

The Lord designed our wilderness.  He populated it and purposed it for those who are called according to His purpose (Ro 8:28).  And just like healing only binds up the brokenhearted, His Good News only cheers the afflicted, words of Liberty free only the enslaved captive, and words of restoration only recover sight to the blind.

That’s what you’ll find at Crossing Jordan:  The Good NewsThe Spirit of the LordThe Light of the World.  You’ll find a home where Grace comes to life.

I AM Crossing Jordan.  Are you?


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