5 Ways to say Yes! {or Announcing the Summer Sewing Series}

Announcing! The Summer Sewing Series. Your opportunity to say “Yes!” and answer the call to ‘do Something‘ right where you sit. Right now. Right there.

But first, let me back up a bit…

Last March, we raised $640 in 2 hours for AIM – God’s army in the ground war against human trafficking in Cambodia.

We cleaned house, prepped snacks, and presented AIM’s promotional video The Pink Room:

And we talked about God’s call to ‘do Something‘ for the sake of the Kingdom. And we invited others to join the call, right there, that night. And they did!

They said, “Yes” to do whatever they could, wherever they were, to be The Church, to share The Gospel, and to join in the fight against sexual slavery around the globe.

They listened, they prayed, they cried, and then they designed and ordered their own reclaimed, restored and redeemed totes (not unlike the ones pictured below). Their orders increased AIM’s operating budget for April 2015 by $640!

Dec 2014 Totes-10

And now it’s your turn to say “Yes!”

Yes – to joining this ministry, this chance to not only reclaim, restore, and redeem fabric, but to reclaim, restore, and redeem lives on the other side of this small, small world. You can…

  1. Pray. Pray for AIM. Pray for the women and children in Cambodia (Sign up for AIM’s Prayer Updates online.) Pray for us at Hope Remains to continue doing whatever He tells us to do. {becoming an official 501.c.3 perhaps?}

  2. Donate direct to AIM today. As little as $36 a month can pay for one girl to attend school for an entire year.

  3. Purchase a tote online today, or

  4. Design your own tote with fabric from your Grandmother’s closet, old curtains you just can’t bear to throw out, or your husband’s stash of old uniforms {wink, wink}.

  5. And the most exciting opportunity…

Enroll in one of our upcoming summer sewing sessions!

Yes – You can simultaneously learn to sew & help fight against sex-trafficking in Cambodia. Choose from one of two exciting courses:

{All proceeds directly support Hope Remains – my home based ministry dedicated to reclaiming, restoring, and redeeming the remnants of this abundant American life.}

Straight-Line Savvy 101 – The Original Tote Tutorial {Taught 1-on-1 in various 3-hour blocks}

Dec 2014 Totes-2

  • 5 Openings: July 20, 21, 22, 23, or 24th, 1-4PM
  • Class size: 1 student/session (but Mom is welcome to stay and learn!)
  • Cost: FREE! {donations accepted}
  • Click HERE to sign up today!


Re:fashion 101 – The Shirt-Skirt {Taught in 2, 3-hour classes limited to 3 students}

Shirt Skirt

  • 2 Sessions: July 13 & 15th, or July 27 & 29th, 1-4PM
  • Class size: 3 students/session (but Mom is welcome to stay and learn!)
  • Cost: $50
  • Click HERE to sign up today!

Don’t worry if you can’t make these.  More classes will be opening up in the month of August. Stay tuned!

And God bless you friends, as you find a way to say “Yes” to His call.



2 thoughts on “5 Ways to say Yes! {or Announcing the Summer Sewing Series}

  1. thank you Tracy!! you are the best! I love your heart and passion to fight with us for this injustice!
    may you be blessed beyond understanding for your precious heart and fight!
    AIM cannot thank you enough. You are making a difference in many children’s lives!!! Thank you Thank you!

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