How to Become an Abolitionist Momma

We have our first donations!

In addition to our hand-made goods, several lovely Etsy shops will also help combat captivity with creativity this November at our 1st Beauty for Ashes Craft Fair.

Sarah @ Simply Put Studio donated FIVE of these beauties. Five!!

Craft Fair

 Jenni @ Jenni B Jeweled donated this hand-stamped, leather bracelet

AND is currently offering an additional 20% donation to AIM on anything in her store until Nov 22nd. Just mention the Beauty for Ashes Craft Fair in your comments upon ordering from her Etsy shop.

Craft Fair2

 Robyn @ Faith Miners Daughter donated not 1, but 2 original art prints out of her Take heART Gallery!

This one is appropriately named Beauty for Ashes:Craft Fair4While this one entitled I Matter, Freedom for the Prisoners arose from Robyn’s heart to specifically fight sex trafficking in Cambodia!! She even used scrap remnants from her home in the collage!  How perfectly providential is that??

Craft Fair3

My heart was so moved after watching the horrible conditions and affliction of these girls that I painted her to say “I Matter” – a visible plea of their suffering and call to action.- Robyn Terry

 Ema @ Beauty from Ashes Boutique donated two of these note cards, hand-made by orphaned ladies in Romania.

Craft Fair5

 And Solomon @ Solomon Song donated two original scarves.

Each piece is an individual creation within a specific theme and style.  This theme?  You guessed it: Beauty for Ashes


Craft Fair6

And this theme? Grace.

Craft Fair7

I just love how it represents the entire purpose behind this fair – combating a black and white issue (slavery) through girls’ hearts of flesh and hands of hope.

I love, love this cause. It is the purpose behind my designs, so thank you! – Solomon Rain

And YOU not only have a chance to own any one of these amazing creations, but every purchase helps another child in the fight for freedom worldwide!

  • Just $30 covers one month’s medical care for one rescued girl through AIM
  • $50 provides educational material for the AIM Employment Center (where survivors of sex-trafficked Cambodia can walk into the center and receive on the job training, childcare, healthcare, continuing academic education, and counseling.)
  • $350 keeps this Employment Center open for one more month

Wont’ you join us?

“It’s not enough to do nothing. It’s time for us to do something.”

– Singer, Songwriter Matthew West.

 What can you do?

  • Pray.  The girls in Cambodia are real. They’re really someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s only friend. They need you
  • Join us November 22nd to purchase these and many other items first hand.

Craft Fair Invite

  • Donate your own time and talent to create beauty from ashes.  We’ve already compiled a large list of possibilities on our Pinterest site dedicated to just this cause. From pop-top bracelets to book page wreaths, all the ideas, instructions, and inspiration await your decision to do something.
  • Share this invite with your friends. Many hands really do make light work.
  • And don’t forget to:

{Sign up HERE to join the growing group of women and girls doing something too!}

 What are you going to do?