It’s a Pink Party! {$1000 for AIM}

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Well, He did it again.

He and I. We hosted a 2nd sewing class in this home. Five girls. Five days. Five sets of little fingers learning how to create beauty from ashes – new creations from scraps, remnants, and left overs.

We created another collection of beautiful totes fashioned solely out of what would become the incinerated ashes of this abundant American life.


And we put them up for auction. A benefit event hosted by one beautiful friend, where these girls’ new skills not only blessed the recipients, but raised money for girls born into a world quite different from their own – Girls in Cambodia where hundreds of thousand of children endure what Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission calls, “the ugliest, most preventable man-made disaster on the globe today.” Human trafficking.

At The Party-7

These ladies, just a small handful of DC’s Freedom Fighters,

Raised over $1000 for AIM!!

$1000 for girls like Ya, and Mien, and  Mi who struggle to believe in life after death. In new life after a virtual death at the hands of pedophiles, and exploitation, and abject poverty.

Lauren, Lucy, Elizabeth, Leah, Kate, Emilie,

I am so grateful for your grace. So moved by your lavish love. So blessed to have been a part of your big day. Thank you!