What Happens When One Girl Says, “Yes?”

You wouldn’t believe it.  I almost wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t lived it. But it just goes to show you how good our God is.

It all started with a little American Heritage Girls craft show. We {my sweet neighbor Marilyn and I and our daughters} sewed coordinating PJ’s and quilts for American Girl Dolls to sell at the annual Christmas craft fair. We made a science-fair-esque tri-fold display advertising our intent to donate all proceeds to World Vision and stood back to watch them all sell like hotcakes.

“Hmmmmm. There’s something here, ” I thought. { I had no idea…}

Then came the sewing class.  Homeschool Co-op needed a sewing teacher, and I thought, “I can do that.” We made beautiful aprons together and by the end of February were left wondering what to do next. The idea came back to me – auction off additional aprons to benefit Agape International Missions. {Yes, the same AIM we raised $1000 for in 10 days last September} The girls were amazed when 5 simple aprons raised $250 for girls held in slavery half-way around the world.

I thought I would spend the summer regrouping my homeschool textbooks and lesson plans and preparing for our first year of {gasp!} Latin. I think a lot. And a lot of times, I think wrong.

“Host a sewing class,” God said. “Now. This summer. In fact, host two. And this time, show the girls how I restore lives like you restore remnants of fabric. Teach them this metaphor for restoration and recreation.”

So we hosted a class in my home. Five girls. Five days. Five sets of little fingers learning how to create beauty from ashes – new creations from scraps, remnants, and left overs.

And we put them up for auction. A benefit event hosted by one student’s family where these girls’ new skills not only blessed the recipients, but raised money {once again} for girls born into a world quite different from their own – Girls in Cambodia where hundreds of thousand of children endure what Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission calls, “the ugliest, most preventable man-made disaster on the globe today.” Human trafficking.

Sewing Session I-1-2Sewing Session I-6-2Sewing Session I-7-2Sewing Session I-10-2

And you know what happened? We raised over $700 {!!} for AIM. Yup! That’s…

  • Medical care for six girls for an entire month!
  • Educational material for the AIM Employment Center
  • Medical care for all the Cambodian staff at Rahab’s Outreach Center for one month AND
  • One month’s rent at the AIM Employment Center

Rachel, Baylin, Aiden, Maddie, Caroline – I am so proud of you.  Congratulations girls!

p.s.July’s class will host their own silent auction Aug 2nd. If you’re local, drop me a line and we’ll get you a personal invite!




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