Quick Relief for Tired Lives {Nike Theology}

When life feels over-whelming, and you can’t remember whether Tuesday is trash day, or recycle day, or green waste day {And oh wait! We didn’t even bother mowing the waving fields of green grown knee-high this week}.

When you forget {for the third week in a row!} that your daughter’s exorbitantly priced gymnastics lesson actually meets {!!} once a week.

And then you realize that next weekend both responsible adults in your house will be out of town simultaneously and unavailable for such things as, oh say, parenting {!}.

When you just feel inadequate, incompetent, and wholly imperfect, there’s Good News.

It comes directly from the book of John, and for the nearly 22 years of my Christian experience, I ignored it.  I snubbed it as a mother’s counsel to a wayward child, or worse yet, Mary’s haughty directive to her Son’s minions.

But it’s neither of these. It’s a command and a comfort. A requirement and relief. Authority and aid. It’s John 2:5 and it’s the one thing posted on my antagonistic to-do list other than to-dos.

Do Whatever He Tells You


There’s nothing you’ve done {or not done} this week that surprised Him. Because He’ll never lose sight of you no matter how often you take your eyes off Him. He constructed the intersection {and planted the tulips!} where you took the wrong turn. He’s not lost despite how misplaced you feel.

But the Good News is that He’s also already sketched the map of how to find your way home again. And He’s not keeping it all a secret. He’s waiting, expectantly, to disclose it all {to you!} in that still, small voice of His. Can’t you hear Him whisper…

“Just follow Me. Do exactly what I tell you.” 

Five ordinary words extending extra-ordinary power.

Whether He’s asking you to rest in your inadequacy or to run out the door to the gymnastics lesson. To learn a new lesson in time management or to lean desperate into His arms. To exult His name above all other names or exclaim your full-blown disbelief at the madness of scheduling six people’s impractical lives. It’s all Good News – if you follow Nike theology:

Just do it

Just do whatever He tells you to do now. Now that you’re lost. Now that you’ve exhausted your own reserves. Now that you realize your desperate need of Him. Just do it. Just…

Do whatever He tells you.


And He will lead you home.

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Might I Pray for Us?

Straight from the Good News itself, I red these words just this morning: May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, our strength and our Redeemer. {Psalm 19:14} Amen.