Beauty for Ashes {In My Year of Hope}

Last January I wrote:

Psalm 16:11 promises Joy. Not the fleeting, flitting, elusive joy of a child who never quite catches a dragonfly.  But a full and complete Joy.  A lacking-nothing Joy. A perfectly satiated, hungry-for-no-more, stuffed-to-the-brim kind of Joy.  A pleasures-forevermore Joy. Forever! And more where the more came from! With no end in sight. Can you imagine dressing in that kind of Joy?

Well I’m here to proclaim Good News! God is a God of Joy. And a God of Peace. And a God of Hope. He is a God of never-ending, never giving-up, always and forever Joy. And Peace. And Hope.


Many of you have watched and waited as I revealed the Big Idea that just won’t leave me alone.  The God-sized project, that if I embraced, would require more from me than I physically possessed. The leap of faith that He was asking me to take just so that I could learn who He was, how He loved me {me?!}, and where my Joy {and Peace, and Hope} came from.

Well, He caught me. Last Sunday, I breathed deep, laid the fleece at Jesus’ feet {if you really want this of me, then…} and leaped into the unknown. Little did I know that I would end up in Dorothy’s Taft’s living room, renewing a 10-year old friendship with her new partner in ministry {Yes, hers. As in, “not mine“}, and being offered the not only the right hand of fellowship, but words of wisdom, and the light of leadership, and the gift of Grace.

Carolyn almost couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as I shared God’s vision for what I was calling Beauty for Ashes. She almost seemed to speak my words for me, and embraced the heart of my vision as if the same heart beat inside of her. She celebrated my freshman perspective on following God into The Great Unknown, and reassured me that she had been on this wild ride a while, and knew where all the seat-belts latched. Now this was Joy. And not just the joy of finally catching the dragonfly. But the stuffed-to-the-brim kind of Joy in realizing that someone else enjoys the quest maybe even more than you do.


Carolyn is no rookie in this ministry development adventure.  She’s spent more than 20 years working as both employee and consultant among large and small non-profit organizations. She’s served as the National Director of Angel Tree for Prison Fellowship and the COO of World Harvest Mission. And she just offered to help me! Help me lead a fight against modern-day slavery.

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Together, by God’s grace, we can, as Isaiah 61:1 proclaims, “bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.”

So here we are – not quite six months into my Year of Hope. Not quite 1/2 way through discovering how the Gospel {God’s proclamation of Hope} affects my daily life, my daily search for Joy and Peace, my daily dressing in Jesus. And I’m here to say God is good. He joyfully leads the faithful.  He peacefully calms the cynic. He brings hope to those beside quiet waters.

He is Joy. He is Peace. He is Hope. To me and to you, dear friend. To me and to you, too. Now…

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  1. Tracey, this is such a great idea! My three older daughters are quite good at crocheting and knitting. We don’t have much experience with sewing, but would be glad to learn.

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