May’s Good Reads Round-Up

Welcome to May’s Good Reads Round-Up!

Missed me? I’ve sure missed you.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been sitting in the warm sand on the edge of my mind.  Don’t worry, God’s been here with me – leading me beside quiet waters and dragging my anxious thoughts out to sea with each lap of the waves. Even in these, the quiet hours of my life, His voice resounds. And, like Building 429 sings, I Press On {Click HERE to surround yourself with my newest favorite song. OR just click on the arrow below to watch now!}

It’s here, in the pressing, that I thought I’d re-enter the blog-o-sphere by fulfilling my own commitment to providing YOU with another month’s Good Reads Round-Up. Here we go…

One New Book for the Nightstand:

Just Courage: God’s Great Expedition for the Restless Christian by Gary A. Haugen (president International Justice Mission)

“There must be more to the Christian life than this–more than church each Sunday and waving to my neighbors and giving some clothes to Goodwill when I go through my closet each spring.”

For when you’re just sure there must be more to this life…

One Story of Hope:

“Ready to embrace hope no matter how things appear?” Well this amazing lady {and her sister and her dad} are too!

Emily Freeman {author and blogger at Chatting at the Sky} and her family are teaming up to, “…intentionally turn towards hope in the areas of life we are most often discouraged – home, soul, and family.” Because we’re, “not here to live a disconnected, non-contributing, excuse-filled life.”

We’re here to: Create! Renew! and Relate!

Now you can have a bouquet of hope right at your fingertips! Just jump on over HERE to start reading.


Everyday Traditions for Every Family:

Loving Marshall

It seems I’m not the only one forging my way through this wild wilderness of Christian parenting. Lauren Thompson over at Loving Marshall  is a fellow so-joiner on the road unpaved, the road new and raw and unfamiliar.

Although I struggle with Godly parenting after experiencing a God-less household, and Lauren struggles with Mommy-less Mothering, we both intentionally seek habits and traditions to make our lives {and our family’s life!} more meaningful.  Catch up with her Everyday Traditions HERE!

God Bless, Friends!  ‘Till next week…