What if You Were the Next Difference Maker? {Beauty for Ashes}

What if Crossing Jordan was more than one Momma’s hobby-blog hashing out her journey of Grace?

What if this online gathering did more than dialogue about freedom in Christ, but actually made a difference in the fight for freedom?

What if the girls luxuriously living the American dream had a way to deliver hope to girls slowly dying in a nightmare?

Hope for the families, the mothers, the daughters trapped in tangible slavery? Hope for the imprisoned under the yoke of unmistakable bondage? Hope for those ensnared by the precincts of their captors. Pursuing nothing but the energy it takes to.just.breathe.


Eight an year-old girl sold {by her mother!} into a brothel, forced to sell herself up to 12 times each night. Hundreds of thousands of girls in Cambodia alone endure what Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission calls, “the ugliest, most preventable man-made disaster on the globe today”: sex-trafficking.

Beauty for Ashes 6

Now Imagine:

That yoke cut by the hands of your eight year old girl. Those chains broken by the fledgling freedom fighters lounging in your living room. Talk about the dawn of a new dream!

Can you imagine such a gathering of hands and hearts for the hurting? A gathering of time and talents for the terrified? A place for each girl, born into this world for such a time as this, to fulfill her place as God’s freedom fighter, bondage breaker, or restoration runner?

For Freedom

I’m dreaming of gathering the remnants, the discarded remains, and the left-overs of our abundant American life and forming the forgotten into something fabulous – fashioning a tangible metaphor of the lives we hope to change. I’m dreaming of designing one project each year from this harvest, teaching our girls this one craft, and selling these glorious hand-made creations online where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to one ministry with one goal: creating beauty from ashes.

Perhaps we can fashion an apron made from the remnants of another sewing project? Or a purse made out of Dad’s uniform of yesteryear? A rug out of all those old T-shirts? Or even art from scraps?

I’m dreaming of a virtual forum to unite the hands and hearts of young difference makers in this fight against child sexual slavery. I’m dreaming of Beauty for Ashes – an Isaiah 61 inspired ministry where one thread, one strand, one life weaves its way into the larger tapestry of Grace and Hope. Will you be one?

Beauty for Ashes 5

I would love to hear your response.  Would you participate?  Would you contribute? Do you have a project idea? Or a marketing idea? Or fund-raising idea? I’m looking for it all and for you all.  It’s time to create Beauty for Ashes!

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Might I pray for you?

Dearest Lord Jesus,

You lead us. You guide us. You take us to quiet waters and walk us along green pastures and you give us rest…and in the resting you paint visions of grandeur.  Please take these visions, these hopes, these dreams and hold them solidly in your hand. Show us the way, Lord. Show us the way to be the difference makers in your Name. The way to fight for the freedom of those in chains.  The way to be available for such a time as this. Amen.