Shhh. He leads me beside quiet waters.

I sit in the warm sand on edge of my mind, dreaming of blazing Hawaiian sunsets and dark silhouettes against a night sky. And yet the waves remain silent. Speechless. Dragging my thoughts out to sea with each lap of the waves.

Here I wait, in the silence, pondering His noiseless nudging – stirrings that I can’t quite force into words. But I know He’s here with me, beside these quiet waters. And in time, in His time, He’ll break the silence. And the waves will once again crash on the shore with near deafening applause.

Will you wait with me?  Will you pray for me in the waiting? As the waves of doubt and fear threaten my footing? He’s calling me to deeper waters, and I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how to swim. I’m singing with Need to Breathe:

“Just how much air [will I] need to breathe when [His] tide washes over me? There’s only one way to figure out.” –Something Beautiful

And repeating to myself, “He won’t let me drown. He won’t let me drown.”

Photo credits and more Pinterest-worthy word art {HERE}

Q4U: When was the last time God called you to deeper waters? Did you learn to swim?




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