So, Who are you?

This week {and the weeks leading up to this week} continued to challenge every fiber of my patience, and kindness, and gentleness, and {dare I say it?} self-control.  The battle hasn’t often been won, but it has often been fought. And fought hard.  My children have seen me fall, and get back up again, only to fall harder. But each time the sin monster rears its ugly head, we choose to stay, to stand, and to fight. And then wash off in the river of Amazing Grace. Praise God for Grace.

So to celebrate the reality of Grace, a life lived in Grace, and the sheer grace of Grace, I want to give you a present – a reminder of what Grace means to the daily life – a little home grown word art {Thank you picmonkey for making photo editing so easy!} of a quote from a book all about what it means to get back up again to fight another day. The book is called Bondage Breakers by Neil T. Anderson. The quote? {see below}

What You Do Final

So, who are you? A sinner, forgiven and free? A friend of Jesus – The One who slayed our sin that we might get back up to fight another day?

If you’ve claimed Christ as your Savior, you’re all this and more.  You are “in Christ” 10x as much as Christ is “in you” {Yup, I meant that. Scripture holds 10x the number of references to your being “in Christ” as it holds references to Him being “in you.”} You are there, with Jesus in His death, in His burial, in His resurrection, in His ascension, in His life, in His power, in His inheritance. You were there, on His mind and in His heart, upon the cross. You are the joy set before Him. You are so loved.

Here’s to finding the love and Grace of Jesus sufficient to get back up again today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow again.