February’s Good Reads Round-Up

Welcome to February’s Good Reads Round-Up!

It’s been a whirlwind February here in Northern Virginia.  I’ve seen more snow in two months than I’ve seen in 18 years {but really, that ain’t sayin’ much since I’ve spent the last 18 years between the blustery states of Virginia, South Carolina, and Hawaii}.

So, whether you’re basking in sunshine of the one state that won’t play along this winter {Florida!}, or enduring way more snow than anyone should ever handle {North Dakota, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, heck – all of the states north of the Mason Dixon line!}, here are a few good reads while we wait for Spring.

One New Book:

sparkly greenSparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle

I finished a book!  Yes, finished. Like: read every page {including the dedications} and didn’t even skip a chapter to get to the good stuff. It was that fun. Thank you Emily P. Freeman for recommending this book and truly, “creating space in my soul to breathe!”

If you’re a woman, a Jesus-lover, and a Momma, and have ever been deceived into believing you’re the first {and ONLY} woman to ever carry those titles simultaneously, then this book if for you. She’ll make you laugh so hard you’ll be grateful you sneaked it into the bathroom to, “Quick, read just.one.more.chapter.”

Sparkly Green Earrings may not remain on my shelf {or collect as much dust} as the theological tombs of Tim Keller, C.S. Lewis, and John Piper, but that’s because I just can’t wait to get it into YOUR hands!  You’re gonna love putting a smile back on your momma-weary face.  I know I did.

One Story of Hope:

hands free

I read it too.  That story about What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent — And What Makes A Great One. I think I read it over my sports-fan, Tony Dungy Devotional-reading husband’s shoulder.  But hey, I read a news story.  That makes me cultured, right? Not really.  But this – this reflection by Rachel Stafford @ The Hands Free Momma {on the very same sports story!} refined my mind:

If you have ever experienced an emotional response simply by watching someone you love in action, I’ve got six words for you…

{Yes, I left you hanging.  You’ll just have to read this story of hope for yourself.}

One Everyday Tradition for Every Family:

Some time ago our family started giving Grace at the dinner table.  No, not the good Catholic school-girl prayer before devouring our meal.  But giving Grace – giving away what our children didn’t deserve. We started giving dessert to children who DIDN’T finish that horrible homemade meal. And here’s the reason why:

Someone wise once said:


Make the abstract ideas of your faith tangible to your children.

We wanted to make the abstract idea of Grace tangible, touchable, and yes, even tasteful. So whenever a duly tortured child is rent with the expectation of {ack!} finishing a meal, they can ask for Grace and another unsuspecting soul can carry their burden, bite by bite.And both, the Grace giver and the Grace receiver enjoy the benefits together – unjust dessert.

If you want to read more, I wrote a whole post about it one year ago entitled, “Can Someone Give me Grace?

God Bless you and your family this week as you soak in all He has for you.