End It Movement dot Com {TODAY!}


February 27th 2014
Shine a light on slavery day

The time has come. Take Action. Use Your Voice. Be the billboard. Spread the word. The time has come to End It!


  1. Draw a red X on your hand {or your shoe, your t-shirt, or just about anywhere!}.
  2. Snap a pic {Put that camera phone to good use!}
  3. Share it all using #ENDITMOVEMENT and help make FREEDOM go viral, TODAY, Feb 27th!

For every Crossing Jordan reader who takes action, uses their voice, becomes the billboard, or spreads the word, Crossing Jordan will donate $1 to International Justice Mission – an End It Movement Coalition Partner.  {CHECK THEM OUT HERE}. Just tell us all about it in the comments below to be counted among those who will stand against slavery, and stand up for freedom.