Love Day Repost {And the winner is…}

Love Day
In honor of Love Day (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day) I thought I would re-post this from the archives. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
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Growing up, love was a four-letter word.  It lived down the road, or around the corner, anywhere but in my childhood home.  After an innocent need to say, “Excuse me,” I commonly heard, “There’s no excuse for you.”  After I won the national DECA championship my mother retorted with, “I always knew you could bull-@#*! your way out of a paper bag.”  My “brother,” a 20-pound ball of fur with fangs, chased me up the stairs nightly, egged on by both parents pounding fists on the two-story walls.  Parental entertainment at my expense occurred regularly.  But the words “I love you”?  As I already told you: a four-letter word.  My young heart took cover like a child playing hide-n-seek in the curtains.
Now that I’m a parent myself I realize my parents did the best they could…really.  Without the Lord in their hearts, their best was as tainted and skewed as the sin-ridden world surrounding them.  No human love is perfect, even if you do love the Lord, or your children more than chocolate.  And while I vowed “not to do what they did,” this conviction alone ensured nothing.  Not doing the wrong thing does not ensure I’ll do the right thing.  I was still human and no human love is perfect.  There had to be a more perfect union between the human and the heavenly.  There had to be a better way to love the children under my own roof.Love DayJeff and I used to poo-poo Valentine’s Day.  We called it a commercialized opportunity to fill the coffers of American enterprise in the name of looooove (insert long, southern drawl here).  I knew Jeff loved me. And my hips really did not want a box of chocolates to prove it (really, they didn’t). But it seemed unnatural to overlook the children on Valentine’s Day.  The least I could do was make a big deal out of the one day when they most expected to be loved, right?In preparation I bought out the local Dollar Store: left-over candy, heart-shaped everything (from plates to place mats to balloons), anything red and sparkly.  (And on February 15th it was all on sale!!) I may have missed Valentines’ Day, but when my 2nd chance at Love Day came around March 14th, I would be ready.Love Day But, even after all that preparation, I forgot.  March 14th, April 14th, May 14th all came and went.  By June, Love Day was long-lost memory, but not long-forgotten.“Lord, what am I missing?  I so desperately want to love these children as you love me, and yet I forget, or more honestly blow-off my chance to love on these children.  How can I make this a more perfect love?”Tell them how much I love them” He replied.”Tell them of the love of Christ.  Tell each one how much they are treasured and lifted up and purposed for God’s Kingdom.”

I am only human, and human love is never perfect.  But God will never fail them.  God loves them with an everlasting love.  God loves them perfectly: vast, unmeasured, boundless, free.

So I set to work writing individual love letters to each child, straight from Scripture.  Nothing more, and definitely nothing less.

Dearest Sarah, See how very much your heavenly Father loves you, for He allows you to be called His child, and you really are! – God (1 John 3:1, NIRV)

Dear Emilie, I have loved you with an everlasting love. – God (Jeremiah 31:3, NASV)

You belong to me, my dear Samuel.  The Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.  – God (1 John 4:4, NLT) 

I may not have experienced perfect love at home, but Jesus understood my experience perfectly. And He already had a rescue plan for the child playing hide-and-seek behind the curtains.
“No hiding place has ever kept her safe,” He says.  “So she hides inside herself.  Now to reach her heart the only way, is to hide in there as well.  I will hide in there as well.” (I Will Find a Way, Jason Gray on the album Christmas Stories)
And that’s the point.  Love Day is perfect because it pulls back the curtains on a child’s heart.  Jesus captured my heart by hiding inside with the fearful little girl.  He wants to do the same for these four precious souls.  I can either fill their hearts once a year with tokens of an imperfect love.  Or I can fill it regularly with treasures of perfection – God’s very Word. Open Bible4“I like that one,” Sam, my doubting Thomas, says after the second Love letter delivery.  And I watch as True Love’s words set something free inside his heart.  Jesus just took residence in a corner previously found playing hide-and-seek.

Might I Pray for You?

Dearest Jesus,

We know you love us.  Without flowers or chocolates or cards, your love lives deep inside our hearts.  Forgive us for expecting human tokens of imperfect love to have the same impact as Your Word – heavenly treasures of perfection.  Show us how to love with the love of Christ; how to live with the love of Christ; how to forgive with the love of Christ.  Thank you for loving us day in and day out; for seeking us in our hiding places; for wanting to do the same for our precious little ones.  Help us to trust You to find a way to hide in there as well. Amen.

Notes of Encouragement

p.s. And the winner from last week’s give-away is:Stacy

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