January’s Good Reads Round-Up

I remodeled this year.

In 2014, I redirected my focus towards One Word: Hope.  I reorganized my website menu into all things, ‘Crossing Jordan.’ And I rededicated my effort to supply you {my favorite reader!} with something good to read. I’m calling it The Good Reads Round Up.

One New Book on my Bookshelf {and yours too? soon?}

One Story of Hope from around the wild, wide, world

One Everyday Tradition for every Christian family

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New Book

The one new book on my bookshelf these days is: The Praying Life – Connecting with God in a Distracting World {by Paul E. Miller}

Praying Life

Dr. Tim Keller can’t say enough good things about this book.  Our pastor references it weekly in his Sunday school class on prayer.  And several friends have their own ear-marked copies of it. It was time to get my hands on this book.

In case you need more detailed conviction to pick up your own copy, here are three additional online reviews:

Summit Crossing Community Church {Review}

Pastor Mark Driscoll’s daughter: Ashley {Review}

And Sarah Koci Scheilz’s @ Inspiration-Driven Life

Story of Hope

This couple {leaders of Every Nation Church}, married later in life only to find that, despite time and circumstances, God would keep His promise to bring them twin baby girls.  And to top it off, my good friend Hope {@ Hope Mabry Photography} took the final picture highlighted in the video!

Everyday Family Tradition

Heather Reese at It’s a Lovely Life snapped this idea right off her kitchen counter.  My friend DiAnne has been doing this for years.  And we jumped on the bandwagon while Daddy was deployed.  What a great way to capture the memories, collect the memorable moments, and re-member them all when the days get dark.

Jan - Traditions

God Bless you and your family this week as you soak in all He has for you.



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