The Lord has Done Great Things for Us

Morning broke upon my house in the usual way – amidst a bleak mid-winter sunrise, sooner than four sleeping {pre-tween} babes, and beckoning an already weary mother.

The words of Psalm 118:24 lumbered out of my sleepy mind. {A grace habit of God’s – He whispers sweet every-things over me each morning}:

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

His Words carried in the silent stillness and I will myself to seek joy and gladness this day.  I will accomplish this task, this daily chore, this hope for 2014 – to let the God of Hope fill me with all joy and peace as I trust Him {Romans 15:13}. I will.

But this willfulness feels fabricated.  I’m not a Mary Poppins kind of gal – I don’t force myself to sing a look-on-the-bright-side-of-life kind of revile.Or conjure up a few of my favorite things in perfect pitch and harmony.

Jesus is the One who promised to fill me with all Joy and Peace, right?  So why is it so hard to find it in my daily life?

In the mess and the mire…

Great Things-1

And in the dishes stacked up ever higher…

Great Things-3

In the evening meal left out overnight…

Great Things-4

And in the grease left behind – what a sight!

Great Things-5

I find no joy in facing the groceries still out on the counter…

Great Things-2

or the school work spread out wide…

Great Things-8

or the decaying “fort” erected from boxes of Christmastide…

Great Things-9

If this is the day that the Lord has made, then why is so hard to rejoice and be glad in it?  Why is it so hard to receive joy again {and again} and be glad for having received it? The Joy of the Lord eludes me. I struggle over laundry pile-ups, towering dishes, and ruined left-overs.  I want to experience Joy – my strength for today and my hope for tomorrow, but where is Joy in the daily?

Great Things-6

Your Joy is in My hands, He says. Hold on to Me, He says, and you hold onto Joy.

Psalm 123:6 tells me I am already filled with Joy.  I don’t need to be filled.  I can not will His Joy into my life, into my daily mess.  It’s already here. And it’s not at all like the joy we might dispense to a begging puppy – held high above their little heads, tossed playfully in their general direction, and consumed in one swift gulp.

No. Jesus’ Joy is more like an offering from His life. An offering of His life. He held onto Joy at the cross. He dispensed Joy once and for all.  And it’s not a fabricated, Julie Andrews, spoonful of sugar kind of Joy.  But the greatest Joy available upon the break of every new day to anyone willing to receive it {again and again} – the Joy of our Salvation.

Great Things-7

God still whispers sweet every-things over me each morning:

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

And I still search after Joy.  But I don’t search in the laundry, or the groceries, or the crumbling towers of cardboard boxes.  I hold onto Jesus – the Joy of my Salvation. In His presence there is fulness of Joy.

May your search for Joy overwhelm you with with gladness as you will yourself out of bed this week. May you receive {again and again} the Joy already offered for you on the cross.  For these are the days the Lord has made.  Together we will rejoice and be glad in them!

Photo Credits: Tracey Beers. {Taken Saturday morning in this house. No staging required.}


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5 thoughts on “The Lord has Done Great Things for Us

  1. This post was perfectly timed for my work filled day. I finally sat down to relax at 8 pm and I still have a few to-dos left tonight. I was wondering why I didn’t feel much joy after a very busy day. And my house looks a lot like yours after all my efforts. Thank you, sweet friend, for the reminder of where joy can and should be found.

  2. Tracey, I can never quite imagine your house in any state of disarray. Why do we as moms always think everyone else’s house is neat and tidy like company mode is even possible? How many fellowship blessings do we miss out on because of such notions? Thank you for your constant transparency and for the sweet reminders to keep our eyes on Jesus for all things (joy, hope, peace, grace, forgiveness…etc. ALL THINGS!) We need these reminders and snap shots about real life.

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