I’ve Remodeled!

I know. I know. The email is train has rolled out at least 5 notifications of my remodeling project. Please accept my apologies.

The good news is that:

The Remodeling is Done!


What do you think?

  • I followed this awesome lady’s recommendations for writing a killer ‘welcome’ page
  • Revealed the 2014 theme as a ‘sticky’ post at the top of the website
  • Added new resources {like a compilation of family traditions and a top 10 reading list}
  • And invited you all to share your own story!

I’d love to hear your impression to the new digs. Can you find all the new links listed above? Are you dying to contribute to all the open invites to share books, stories, and family traditions?  Or are you completely lost in my cyber land? Just leave your comments below!



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