Top 10 Christmas Song Countdown {#1}

#1: Let There be Light {by Kimberly}

I’m a lyrics girl.  If a song is going to speak to me, it’s in the lyrics.

I know some can just listen to the cadence of a song and enjoy it, no matter what the lyrics say.  But a well-phrased lyric will resonate with me long after the song is over.

We’ve talked about the telling and the over-telling of Christ’s birth in these blog entries.  We’ve all heard the story a million times.   So, when a song comes along and tells the story in a new way, it sticks with me.  There are phrases in this song that I think about year round.

#1 let there be light

The world was in a dark place when Christ was born.  There had been no new word from God in centuries.  People were waiting on their Messiah, and wondering if He would ever come.  Maybe some had given up hope of his coming.  But He came.  And He pierced through the darkness and there was light.

To be honest with you, the lyrics to this one speak for themselves.  I hope you can spend a few minutes listening.  Maybe it will hit you like it does me.  Maybe not.  But this song expresses Christmas in a way that I never could:

You spoke after centuries of silence
In the midst of a still, starry night
And Emmanuel came down among us
And the Father said, Let there be light

Let there be light, let it shine bright
Piercing the darkness with dazzling white
Hope for the hopeless was born on that night
When God sent His Son and said, Let there be light. Let there be light

The Glorious Light was born.  The darkness was shattered.  And we have Hope.

And that my friends, is Christmas. May the music of the Gospel fill your hearts with Grace and Peace.  Merry Christmas!

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