Top 10 Christmas Song Countdown {#3}

#3: Breath of Heaven {by Kimberly}

Mary – the subject of unending prose.  Her life scrutinized. Her words dissected in hopes of divine revelation. Theological camps debate her.  Churches split over her.  There is something about Mary.

But in reality, we know little about her.  She was:

  • A young Jewish girl
  • Engaged
  • Brave enough not to run screaming when an angel appeared
  • Humble enough to accept her role
  • Tough enough to travel a great distance near to the end of her pregnancy
  • Skin thick enough to absorb the fallout of an out of wedlock pregnancy

And, of all the millions of women in the world, she was chosen to be the mother of Christ.

#3 Lords Servant

I {Kimberly} have the unique perspective on being “great with child” this Christmas.  (And the last thing I want to do is travel a great distance on a donkey.  Or give birth with cows and sheep watching.)

I anticipate and agonize over the impending birth of my baby.  I wonder all the time if I am up to the task of parenting another human.   This baby will change my world.  She will be precious and loved.  She will be a huge part of our family.  She will get big and fight with her sisters.  She will have faults and throw temper tantrums and drive me crazy at times.   It’s a huge responsibility.

Mary’s situation was a little bit different.  She was giving birth to God’s son.  Talk about not wanting to mess things up!  She knew Jesus was destined for great things, and it was up to her and Joseph to prepare him for life.  I wonder if she felt the weight of that on the night he was born.   She was facing the weight of her responsibility and the reality of her unique situation.

Were Mary and Joseph perfect parents?  Not at all.  (Let’s not forget. They left him at the temple and didn’t realize he was missing for a few days.)  I am sure they were also short tempered and didn’t always choose the right way.  But if God chose imperfect people to raise His perfect son, there is hope for all of us.  If He entrusted such a large responsibility to people who He knew would make daily mistakes, I know he expects me to make them too.

Mary didn’t have an easy role.  She got pregnant before she was married.  Her family didn’t necessarily know (or believe) the truth of her situation.  (Not everyone got a visit from the angel. I am sure her reputation suffered.)  But she embraced her role, and she raised the Messiah so he was able to fulfill his purpose on earth.

And she gave birth in a stable.  She must have been one tough girl.

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