Top 10 Christmas Song Countdown {#5}

#5: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas {by Kimberly}

We’ve all heard the little boy clamoring on and on about getting a hippo for Christmas.

#5 hippoHe uses extremely valid reasoning to back up his request:

  • The hippo can be kept in the garage
  • It obviously would make a great playmate
  • It’s not likely to eat him
  • He promises to take care of the animal by washing him, feeding him and massaging him

All promises he intends to keep, I am sure.  At no point will his mother be standing in the garage washing a giant hippo with a hose and a sponge mop.

It’s ridiculous.  But that is why it works. People love their Christmas Hippo.

#5 hippo2

I think we have all met a version of that little boy.  We all have someone in our lives who is quite specific about their Christmas gift expectations. And if the gift does not live up to their standards, they will non-verbally or verbally let you know.  They might not want a hippopotamus, but their version of the “perfect” gift is almost as impossible to acquire.

Gift-giving has become our world’s Christmas epicenter.  Our economy depends on people buying gifts for each other.  I start looking for gifts months ahead of time just in case the right thing jumps out at me for someone in my life.  It’s become an accepted stress in our lives.  How much should we spend?  Who should we give gifts to?  Am I going to look cheap if they find out I bought this on clearance?  Does a gift card make me look lazy?  Or is that what they really want? I wonder if the wise men knew how much havoc they would bring into my life when they brought gifts to Jesus and started this blessed tradition.

In reality, not very many people will remember their gifts a year from now.  Think about it—do you remember even 50% of the gifts you received last year?  How about 5 years ago?

Comforting, isn’t it?  You spend all this time and energy on something that will be easily forgotten.

#5 hippo3

I write these things not to demoralize, but offer perspective.  Buying gifts doesn’t mean you have the pressure of finding the “perfect” gift.  Gift-giving is not about that.  It should be about blessing important people in your world.  Showing them they are loved.  Realizing the impact they have on your life.  And if a gift card does that for them, then buy one.

Unless, of course, they want a hippo. In that case, I can’t really help you.   Well, maybe a PetSmart gift card. They might stock hippo food.

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to {click on this link} to see the amazing #5 Christmas Song of the season.  We couldn’t overcome the technical difficulties inherent in producing a singing hippopotamus directly on your laptop.


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