Top 10 Christmas Song Countdown {#6}

#6: Mary did you Know? {by Kimberly}

Everyone loves to talk about Jesus as a baby.  We make ourselves crazy with preparations to commemorate his birth. Do you find yourself caught up in the mania, too?  Won’t you sit a while with these two posts from earlier in the week?

The story of Jesus’ birth is told over and over, with ordinary people taking the starring roles.  The stable, the shepherds, the merciful innkeeper. We remember them because of their role on that starry night.

#6 mary

But Jesus’ life was not limited to that night.  He had quite the beginning. But He didn’t stay a baby.  He, “grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52).   His ministry 30 years later changed the world.  In the course of 3 years, He:

  • Walked on water
  • Healed the blind, lame and sick
  • Revealed Himself as the Messiah to a woman that society had cast aside
  • Raised several people from the dead
  • Calmed the storm with his hand
  • Challenged the rulers and authorities of His day
  • Fed 5,000+ people with a little boy’s lunch
  • Taught countless people about His father’s love in a way they had never heard before
  • And ultimately died a horrific death, with pain and suffering we cannot fathom

I am sure it was tough to picture any of those things on the night He was born. Let’s be honest, newborns don’t do a whole lot.  While it was exciting, this Messiah everyone was so excited about was just…a baby. He probably didn’t look much like a hero wrapped up in his swaddling cloth.  Those present that night witnessed His beginning, but I am sure they couldn’t have pictured His end.

#6 mary3

It’s tempting to keep Christ in a manger and not think about the rest of His life.  After all, the rest of His story is what challenges us.  It changes us.  It acknowledges our imperfections and our need for a Savior.  And it wounds our pride.

I ask you this year not to leave Christ as an infant.  Follow Him through His life.  Be there with Him as He grows and honors His parents.  Watch Him start His ministry and meet His best friends.  See the compassion in His eyes as He loves on people who had given up hope.    Hear the words He teaches. Watch Him as He challenges the Pharisees.   Witness the crowds clamoring for His attention and time.  See those same crowds demand His execution.  Watch Him as he is betrayed by those who swore never to leave Him. Walk with Him as He carries the cross to His death.   Witness the empty tomb.  See His love for you displayed in His scars and His risen hands.

#6 mary2

Jesus didn’t stay a baby.  He came into the world an innocent child, but He left a mighty Warrior.

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