Top 10 Christmas Song Countdown {#7}

#7: I’ll Be Home for Christmas {by Kimberly}

I know this song is cheesy.  It screams ‘sappy Christmas song.’  But I can’t help it.  I get sucked in.  I become emotionally involved.  There have been Christmas seasons when my husband has been gone.  Nearly all my friends have gone through similar times.  I have dear friends who are spending Christmas without their spouse this very year. No matter which way you attempt to handle it — it’s hard.  You go through the motions of parties and celebrations.  You go home to extended families and carry on… All the while, half your heart is missing.  The joy of the season is muted.

#7 I'll be home2We military spouses fancy ourselves a tough breed.  Not much will phase us.

Leaving on an open ended trip with no notice?  No problem. 

Missing my birthday again this year?  No worries.

Leaving town the day before a hurricane and I’ll be here alone?  Don’t worry… I got it.

You’re going to be gone for Christmas?  Oh… okay.

We keep our chin up.  We carry on.  But there are chinks in our armor… and a big one is our kids and their daddies.

#7 I'll be home

One year when my husband was gone, I was in a mom’s group.  The leaders were incredibly thoughtful and wanted to honor those of us who were going through the season alone.  At the December meeting, they played a video called “Bring Him Home, Santa.”  It was a little girl singing about how all she wanted was her daddy home for Christmas.  One by one, all of us ended up in the bathroom, sobbing.  It wasn’t because we were offended—we were incredibly touched.  But facing the realization of how much our kids and husbands missed each other — even without us in the mix— was more than we could handle at that moment.   A chink in our armor was displayed for all to see.

I would love to offer wise, sage advice about how to be there for someone who is spending this Christmas on their own.  I mean, I should have picked up some excellent pointers by now, right?  But everyone is different.  Some may want to talk about it and cry.  Some may want you to show up with Starbucks at their door (or a bottle of Bailey’s…that seems more festive).  Some may need a ride to the airport, or someone to hang out with their kids while they wrestle a mountain of luggage to the check-in desk.  Some may not want to talk about it at all, because any acknowledgement of their situation will crack their carefully placed armor.

#7 I'll be home3

Bottom Line: Figure out how to love on them. There will be something you can do, I promise. Pray for them. And remember their spouses – the other half of their story.

Most importantly, never ask why Christmas decorations are still up in February. Someone may be coming home in March.

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  1. Good article Kimberly! I’ll be home for Christmas even if only in my dreams…never more applicable to our family than this year.

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