Top 10 Christmas Song Countdown {#9}

#9: O Come O Come Emmanuel {by Tracey}

For months I’ve blogged transparent here at Crossing Jordan, writing what one friend calls “brutally honest” posts about traveling my parenting wilderness, my struggle to break the bonds of spiritual slavery, and live what author Mary DeMuth christened, “an uncaged life.”

This song placed a period on the final line of poetic prose for me.  No, I haven’t arrived at Jericho.  No, I couldn’t even draw you a map of the journey. But today I’m sure of the hope that eluded me only one year ago.  I’m sure of the freedom God promises His people {me! and you!} if only they will obey. It exists. I received it last Monday over coffee.

this is my story9

Something about this song resonates with my journey.  The Spirit-filled lyrics, the dissonance in the music, the glimmer of joy throughout the troubled longing – they all mirror my heartache.

Come, my Jesus. Come. Be with us. Be with me.  Come and sit for a while beneath the Christmas tree, beneath the flicker of hope in each twinkling light, beneath the angel perched on high.

So when I hear this song, this beckoning to Jesus, I can’t help but sing along:

this is my story9b

O come, O come Jesus. Be with us!

And free your children shackled in slavery.  Free your own, your Israel.

We weep and tears wash weary over our exiled wandering.

And here we’re bound to stay until You come to save us.

But look! Take heart my family, my friends.

God has come to be with us. He has come to be with the ones who struggled with Him.  He has come to His Israel.

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