Top 10 Christmas Song Countdown {#10}

#10: O Holy Night {by Kimberly}

#10 o holy night

‘Tis the season to be jolly, right?  ‘Tis also the season for:

  • buying gifts
  • attending children’s Christmas programs (Is the camera charged?)
  • trying to find appropriate outfits for your kids to wear to said Christmas programs (How did you grow out of these dress shoes already?)
  • completely changing the inside of your house to fit decorations (dealing with the 12 Rubbermaid bins in storage)
  • baking cookies
  • taking a good picture for the Christmas card (Everyone smile and this will be the last one, I promise.  Just SMILE.)
  • keeping track of what you are supposed to bring to the class parties
  • and on and on…Oh, and you are supposed to do all these things seamlessly and with joy.  It’s Christmas after all.

But if you dig a little deeper than the surface-y traditions of our day, you will find that we are all a little weary.  Even with the endless to-do lists of our days, we all have “stuff” in our lives that makes being joyful hard.  There are financial hardships, emotional burdens, sickness, separations from those we love, strained relationships, etc.  The pain of living in this world is real.  However, every Christmas movie tells us that all our issues will go away if we can all sit around the tree and drink hot cocoa. Everything gets magically healed as the camera pans away.   So we busy ourselves with all these things, hoping to make our weariness go away.  Meanwhile, we ignore the real reason to be joyful during Christmas.

#10 o holy night2

The world was also weary when Christ was born.  I am sure their issues were different, but also very much the same.  The cast of characters in the first Christmas were real people, dealing with some heavy issues.  Joseph and Mary had a rocky start to their marriage.  They were most likely gossiped about mercilessly.  They were very young.  They were sleeping in a stable after a long journey. The shepherds worked the night shift with stinky sheep.  The wise men traveled for months not knowing for sure what they would find.

Mary most likely did not have a plate of cookies and cider ready for the visitors when they came to the stable.  There wasn’t music playing softly in the background, the stable wasn’t decorated with lit garland and no one was dressed in red sweaters.   (However, I am sure the star provided excellent lighting.)  In this simplicity, Christ was born.  He didn’t need fanfare.  He didn’t need all the things that we somehow associate with His birth.  But all who came knew with certainty that this was the Messiah.  The one they had waited for.  The promised one.  And they fell on their knees and thanked Him.  And they returned to their lives… Not weary, but renewed.  This Christmas, spend some time at His feet, surrender the weariness of life, and be renewed.

Fall on your knees, Oh hear the Angel voices.

Oh night, divine.  Oh, night when Christ was born.

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