Two Mites {Tangible Motherhood p.3}

Two mites

Out of her poverty.  She came with nothing. That is, nothing of value in her world. Two mites.  About the equivalent of one loaf of bread.  And yet, she gave everything. She gave everything of value in the kingdom of God. She gave her very life.

“But she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.”

She gave it all. She gave all that could be considered worth living for, and now she was flat broke. Flat dependent upon on God and God alone to provide. Now she not only wanted, she needed a Rescuer. She needed a Savior.

Here in her poverty she needed her Jehovah Jirah: her Provider. She begged, no pleaded for His intervention, His provision.  And in return, she received the wealth of a treasure that would never decay: right relationship with God.

But what am I supposed to do with this story? I am abundantly blessed with money, security, shelter, health. Heck. I even have more than 10 different versions of God’s treasure map to eternal wealth in my own home. How might I ever give out of my poverty?  What do I have nothing of?  What do I really need?

two mites

Let’s backtrack eleven years to the birth of my first born son.  He arrived heroically – left hand poised over his head and as head strong as Superman:

  • Will he scream all night long?  “No!” I said.  “Watch me,” he wailed.
  • Will he obey all the way, right away, with a happy heart? “Of course!” I said. “Watch me,” he scoffed.
  • Will he live to see his next birthday? “I just don’t know” I said. “Watch me,” he declared.

“God knew you needed a strong-willed Momma” I used to say.  “What’s so strong about your will?” he seemed to murmur.

At 11 he’s still tempted to throw {Yes. Jacoby Ellsbury-style-hurl-towards-home-plate-to-win-the-game kind of throw} a golf ball at his little brother who had the audacity to beat him on a single hole of mini golf.

And I stand there staring…empty handed. No plan. No wisdom. No courage to take this monster by the hand…yet again.

It’s not like I haven’t tried.  I’ve read all the books.  Babywise and To Train up a Child when he was an infant. Shepherding a Child’s Heart and it’s practical corollary Don’t Make Me Count to Three in the toddler years.  The Heart of Anger when the family reached 1/2 dozen members, and Have a New Kid by Friday in the chaos that followed.  All great advice. All written by professing Christian parents and counselors. All promising the treasured, perfectly obedient child by Friday.

And yet, I here I stood, dumbfounded on the mini-golf course and left to wonder aloud, “Who is your mother?

I had nothing. I was poor in wisdom, liquidated of creativity, and drained of insight. My vast knowledge didn’t help.  My strong-willed convictions didn’t help.  I was empty.

Two mites3But now. Now I was in a position to give out of my poverty.


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