Ministers of Mercy {Tangible Motherhood}

My friend, Chris, wrote a book.  Yes he did! I’m thrilled not only to know that NavPress published a book by someone I know, but {maybe even more importantly}, that someone I know published a book!

As the pastor of mercy ministries at our church, the official ‘leader’ of our small group, and fellow foodie, friend, and faithful follower of Christ, Chris rocks.  I would joyfully introduce the two of you.  But he also published words, and I just cant contain my excitement.  I have to share his words with you!


Chris wrote Tangible, a book about mercy ministry – kind of like the work organizations like Agape International Missions does every day.

Only, he focused beyond highly-funded, world-renown organizations and shot straight for the common man. His responsibility. My responsibility. Your responsibility {Yes, I said responsibility, not opportunity} to make God known through deeds of mercy and words of truth.

On page 43, he shared a story:

Imagine how cold it is to live on the streets in winter, to sleep on concrete, insulated only by layers of soggy newspaper. Now imagine slipping into a warm jacket handed to you by a kind stranger. Think of the soothing warmth that jacket brings to your wet, cold frame. God created the heat, He made the jacket, and He made us to be messengers who bring comfort and hope to those who are cold and suffering. We get to embody God’s love to those who live in darkness and fear.

And this is where the rest of the book pierced my Mother’s heart:

As we deliver deeds of mercy and love to others, we can tell them, “You think I care about you? Let me tell you about the One who really cares about you. He sent me here, and you can know Him too.”

Now, I know I’m a home school mother.  I know my days pivot around the family schedule, the children’s needs, and my desire to do this mothering thing with grace {and sometimes elusive peace!}.

And I also know Chris wrote to the every-day evangelist, the minister of mercy in every pew.

But isn’t this call to make God known most imminent, most vital, and most tangible right here inside my four walls? On the edge of my children’s beds each night? Within the sliding doors of my minivan?


What would happen if I stopped “doing this mothering thing”, stopped just surviving each day, and started living for the chance to tell my children, “You think I care about you? Let me tell you about the One who really cares about you.”

What if my deeds of mercy {and here’s where we fail most often}, my words of Truth grabbed their attention, and opened the doors of their hearts to the Gospel? What would happen if my very life invited questions about the God I love? (p49)

For we are ministers of mercy in our own home.

Each time a new need arises in [their] lives, it is a new opportunity for [them] to learn something about our Father in heaven and His ability to provide for us. (p80)

When our infants scream and squirm, we can be their Strength and their Song {Isaiah 12:2}. When our toddlers hurt, we can be their Comforter {John 14:16}.  When our children are wrongly accused, we can be their Loving Ally {Psalm 144:2} and Advocate {Heb 9:24}. When love breaks their heart, we can be Unfailing Love {Psalm 59:10}. We can make God known.


Will you join me in my next short series? Walking this road of discovery. Unearthing tangible ways to make God known in my own home. Learning how to reveal His attributes as I administer deeds of mercy and dispense words of Truth.

Walking out Tangible Motherhood.

Stay tuned for more…

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Might I Pray for Us?

Dearest Heavenly Father,

You are all You say You are.  And yet we live as if Your attributes have no impact upon our daily lives. Please forgive us for ignoring who You say You are, and all that Your Name implies.  Help us not only to understand You better, but to reveal You to a dark world, starting in our own home. Amen.