Wow! {$1000 in 10 Days}


{That’s just about all I can say.}


 Like the picture above, “Wow!”

Did you see?  We did something! {And in only 3 days}

We raised $1000!! 

You all are amazing!  But in all honesty, not as amazing as our amazing God. Our big, big God who blows holes in all our earthly expectations.

Now we have a chance to reach a stretch goal! A 2nd goal stretched out beyond out expectations.

Can we keep going? Can we widen our arms and stretch out our hands towards heaven to see what He has in mind?

If we can already:

  • Sponsor 27 desks @ AIM’s Rahab School
  • Sponsor 13 lockers @ AIM’s Lord’s Gym
  • Sponsor 11 beds @ AIM’s Care Home in Siem Reap, or
  • Sponsor a little girl at AIM’s Restoration Home in Svay Pak
What could we do with $1500? Or $2000? Are you willing to find out?
If you missed your chance to be part of something big, here’s your big chance. Just stretch out your mouse and {CLICK HERE}! 

There are still some amazing perks available! {Like wrap-cord bracelets, necklaces, and even wall art}. Together, we can follow God through anything.