We’re Doing Something! {$1000 in 10 Days}

This is it. It is indeed time for us to do something.  It’s not enough to do nothing.

And when we stop chasing the perfect American dream, and start pursuing the perfectly holy presence of Christ in us, we can follow God through anything. Anything.

Are you up for anything?  Because Crossing Jordan has just become more than just another American blog.  Today, we will help carry the gift of the gospel to the nations – the Good News all the way to Cambodia.  To our brothers and sisters in Christ imprisoned by the chains of sex trafficking.

Doing Something 1

Today – I ask you to partner with me, on this, Day 1 in a 10-day campaign to:

 AIM high and raise $1000 for Christ!

Yes, that’s $1000 for Agape International Missions (aka. AIM), who for the last 25 years has worked to prevent, rescue, restore, and equip victims of child sex-trafficking in Cambodia.

Doing Something 2

The nations may be beyond the border of our dreamy American life, but they are not beyond the reach of our God and His God-sized dreams.  We can preach the Gospel in word and in deed if we spend ourselves for the sake of the cross.

Will you help us raise $1000 for AIM? 

Will you declare with me and others:

I AM {a very big part} of Crossing Jordan? I am the the hands and the feet that bring the Good News to the nations?  I am the parchment that the Gospel is written upon?

Will you become part of the something that Crossing Jordan doing to help other declare:

I {Yes, I} am Crossing Jordan!

We want to turn this God-sized dream into a reality and raise $1000 for AIM in 10 days.  That’s right.

$1000 in 10 Days!

Will you help?  Join us at our Indiegogo fundraising site:


Every dollar makes a difference and brings freedom to the nations. And it may even bring a unique, hand-made token of appreciation for your contribution.

Several artists have donated necklaces, bracelets, or even wall-art for the sake of our cause.  Be one of the first to donate, and you could choose from:

AIM High - 5

A “Free” Dog Tag Necklace donated by Stephanie at Simply Stephanies.

AIM High - 3

Born to Fly Free Necklace donated by Lisa at Love Squared Designs.

AIM High - 2

Isaiah 61 Bracelet donated by Jule at Hopetions.

AIM High - 6

 FREEDOM Bracelet donated by Izzy from Pawlowski Creations

AIM High - 50FREEDOM Silver Necklace donated by Lora from Eager Hands.

AIM High - 4Or even this Isaiah 61 hand-painted wood sign donated by Courtney at Laurel Ave Designs.

Won’t you help spread the word?  Share this post or hop on over to the Party: {JUST CLICK HERE}!

Might I Pray for Us?

Dearest Lord Jesus,

You are the ruler of the nations, the Good News to the hurting and lost.  You care about the least of these and know the weight of their chains.  Please forgive us for ignoring the silent cries of the widows and orphans, the victims across the vast ocean separating us from their plight. Thank you for this opportunity to watch You work.  May the work of our hands, and the prayers of the faithful move mountains to rescue each and every one of your children. Amen.