Get up and Dance {or How to Sing with the Perfect Life p.4}

It’s Monday morning, and although it’s a federal holiday, and Daddy is home today smokin’ briquet for dinner, and kids are curled up comfy on the couch with cartoons, I still woke up to knots in the my stomach and dread in my head.  I just can’t seem to shake this anxious anticipation {and not the I’m-so-excited-for-what’s-to-come kind of anticipation}.  It’s more of the this-is-not-my-day kind of anticipation.

But I know, I still know, my God does is not dead, nor does He sleep.  I’ve woken to the Lord’s day.  He’s been at work through the night, preparing this day for the world. This is the day the Lord has made.  It was never meant to be my day.

So on this Monday morning, while I strain to hear the echo of His handiwork, and the song He sings over me, won’t you join me on the dance floor of life? Dance to the quietly beckoning lyrics of Matt Redman and his precious reminders of who this day really belongs to:

This one features the London Community Gospel Choir…so cool!

{p.s. Enjoy Monday’s Music!}

{And if you missed Sunday’s post, about all this Lord’s Day lingo, go on. Hop on over to there to read up.}

This is the day the Lord has made!