Oh Where, Oh Where has my Little Blog Gone?

Hey Friends, we’re back!

Poolside play and cousin chaos, road trips and {unexpected} detours into midtown Bronx, swim team {and dive team} and even VBS complete.  We’re back! Here are a few flashbacks from the last couple weeks:

the gang

The gang’s all here {at the cousin’s pool, 24 hours a day, for 14 days straight}

Off roading

There’s no need to dry off before before off roading.


Emile and Sarah P

Celebrating birthdays at the pool {of course!}


sam on board

Sam did it! He mastered the back dive and entered his first “A” meet this summer.

Oh how I love summer.  How just a short sabbatical from ‘normal’ life can entirely shift the trajectory of the rest of the year.

  • I’ve started a writing course through Tribe Writers.  {If you’re interested in writing for any audience check it out. Just click here to meet Jeff Goins, your amazingly down to earth and practical writing mentor.} So be on the lookout for some blog revamping and renewal this Fall!
  • I’ve been praying, “Anything” with the Good Morning Girls {Click here to read more about GMG’s amazing online bible studies!} and I sense a shifting tide for Crossing Jordan. Thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean, Agape International Missions is struggling rescue young girls from the slavery of sex trafficking.  Won’t you pray with me as I seek God’s “anything” for Crossing Jordan, this blog, and our involvement with AIM?
  • But the more exciting part of this story is this magazine’s invitation to write an article for their next issueThe deadline is Aug 10th and the topic is an open-ended “Back to School” issue.  Will you pray for me as I seek to pen His words and encourage His people? {I’ll be sure to link to the article when it appears next month.}

It’s good be home.



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  1. God is awesome (and so are you!) SO excited about the new roads you are taking. You are such a blessing and I know God loves to use you and the gifts you have.

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