Be.Like.Me. {or How to Experience Permanent Change}

Did you know that Moses gazed into the face of God only to hide his own face behind a veil?  No. He wasn’t ashamed.  No. He didn’t want to spare the Israelites from insecurity or from engaging in freakish awe.  He placed the veil over his face to hide ever-decreasing glory. 

Moses Mountain2

He became aware that his mountain-top glow was disappearing.  The holiness of God upon his face was dying away.  His transformation only temporary.

Moses, “put a veil over his face so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the end of what was passing away.” {2 Cor 3:13}

The Bible calls Moses’ glorious experience the ministry of death.  Shocking, yes.  But do you know what the Bible calls the Christian’s experience?  The ministry of righteousness, hope, and life!

As Christian families, we are also called to encounter the Living God, to gaze upon His face, to let Him light up our life.  But this is harder than merely climbing atop a mountain. So many gods {yes, I did mean that} compete for our gaze.

Moses Mountain

I escaped Egypt by God’s mighty hand, but as an Exodus generation Momma, I naturally only know how to worship their false gods.

The god of appearance.  The god of peace and quiet.  The god of control and perfection. Worshiping these gods comes naturally. Worshiping the One True God with every act, word, and deed? Not so natural. How am I supposed to do this?

I am the LORD who brought you up out of Egypt to be your God; therefore be holy, because I am holy. {Leviticus 11:45}

This verse used to haunt me as well.  How in the world am I, a sin-filled, false-god-worshiping, first generation Christian Momma supposed to fulfill this calling on top of worshiping only God? I had no idea, so I ignored it…until one day He whispered:



Let me explain…

Some time ago I wrote how God’s name, I AM, translates into the verb to be. In essence, God’s name is BE, and the Gospel story goes something like this:

  • BE held the world in His hands.
  • BE came and made His dwelling among us.
  • BE so loved that us that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
  • BE restored right relationship {with you! and me}
  • BE transformed our future inheritance
  • BE blessed the nations {“Come, you who are blessed by my Father.  Take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.” -Matthew 5:34
  • BE still lives, and moves, and has His being.

Well, if this is the Gospel story according to BE, and we are called to be like Him, then wouldn’t living out the Gospel also look  something like this:

  • be:held {in the arms of the Savior.  Pray.  Fast.  Wait.  Listen.}
  • be:come {disciples of Christ}
  • be:loved {let Him rejoice over you with singing}
  • be:restored {through repentance}
  • be:transformed {by the renewing of your mind}
  • be:blessed {blessed are the meek, lowly, etc.}
  • be:still {and know the Beauty of your God}

It’s not about what I do with these children, what I do for these children, or even what I do to these children.

Living out the Gospel story, wandering my wilderness of Christian motherhood, transforming my secular family history into a second generation of faith, requires be-ing in relationship with The One who wrote the story. Those spiritual disciplines are all about be-ing like Him.

And since this ministry of righteousness, hope, and life is permanent, I can take solace in my feeble efforts to be transformed one degree at a time.

Might I Pray for Us?

Dearest Heavenly Father,

You call us to perfection.  To not only worship You alone, but to actually become like You.  We confess that so many other gods capture our attention and draw our eyes off of You.  Thank you that You alone are the source of all True Light.  You alone offer permanent glory, permanent change.  Help us to climb the mountain.  To gaze into Your eyes and encounter the Living God.  Help us to Ame.


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  1. Thanks Tracey. Your words were a great start to my day before even stepping out if bed! Keep using this gift to write that God has given you!

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