Stacking Stones {Righfully Dividing the Word of Truth}

Some of you already know Louie Giglio rocked my world.  In his little book I am not but I know I AM, he exposed God as a verb, an act, and engagement.  God is not dead.  He’s surely alive!

God’s name, I AM, translates into the verb to be. I AM = I BE.  Not great grammar, but powerful theology. God’s name is BE. (Giglio, p38).

This changed everything for me. No longer was I merely one of God’s beloved (as if that’s really not enough).  I am BE loved.  I am God loved.  I am I AM loved.  I am the God of the universe loved!

Stones of Remembrance2

Wait…can you hear it?  The low rumble.  The gathering momentum of the BE Attitude landslide? Be loved, be transformed, be still, and even be mine all rolled out of this new understanding. Behold, become, be known, and do not be afraid await further excavation. And this doesn’t even include be blessed, be restored, be fruitful and multiply, and the Hope Diamond of them all – be holy as I AM holy.

What am I (what are we) to do with all these BE’s?  Not all are BE attitudes (God attitudes, or I AM attitudes), nor are all descriptors of who we can BE-come when I AM is living in me. They’re amass, and intermixed.  And I think it’s time to rightfully divide the Word of Truth. To separate the stacks. {I think there are three.}

Stones of Remembrance8

1. The BE Attitudes  – The Story of the Gospel {Who Is, and Was, and Always will BE}.

Think about it: BE held. BE came. BE loved. Be restored. BE transformed. BE blessed. BE still…{fill in the blank}.

2. The Be:Attitudes – The Story of Us {Who We Become when I AM is living in us}.

Hey you: Be held. Become. Be loved. Be restored. Be transformed. Be blessed. Be still {and know}.

3. The Beatitudes – The Story of Blessing {Through Obedience}.

As if God cries out, “Be Mine. Be rooted. Be fruitful and multiply.  Do not be afraid {be strong and courageous}. Be blameless. Be faithful.  Be merciful. Be holy as I AM holy.”

Three stacks of stones.  Three towers of Truth. Three monuments to God’s mighty hand at work in the lives of His people.

Stones of Remembrance4

Like the Israelites who crossed over the Jordan on dry ground, might we also behold the power of the Lord in The Story of the Gospel {through His BE Attitudes}?

Like His chosen ones who erected a memorial for all generations on the other side of adversity, might we, His elect, also stack stones of remembrance (from the midst of adversity) as a monument to Who We Become {when I AM is living in us}?

Like the children who asked, “What do these stones mean?” might our very lives, our Stories of Blessing {through obedience}, demand an explanation for what others, and especially our children, see?Stones of Remembrance7Will you join me in the journey?  Will you help me excavate – – the gems of Truth in the landslide of BE Attitudes?  For here I stand on Jordan’s stormy banks, watching raging waters flood my path, and pray {beg?} for passage into the Promised Land. I AM crossing Jordan.  Are you?

Might I Pray for Us?

Dearest Lord Jesus,

I cant say I fully understand the depth of my own statements.  But You do.  You already wrote the story.  You already lived the story.  You already finished the story.  In this knowledge I pray – You who are able to equip us with everything good for doing Your will, may You work in us what is pleasing to You (Hebrews 13:21).  May we finish the race and complete the task set before us – the task of testifying to the gospel of Your grace (Acts 20:24).  Thank you in advance for the work you will do in and through us as we seek, and knock, and open Your doors. Amen.

Notes of Encouragement

Q4U: What do you think?  Are we rightfully dividing the stacks of BE Attitudes?


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