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A Tim Keller A-Ha Moment {on the house}.

If you haven’t {yet!} met Tim Keller, he’s the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC and author of several, must-have, a-ha books. {Click here to check out a few of his latest volumes.}

I sat mesmerized by thirteen baby chicks, relishing the rare occasion to actually listen {uninterrupted!} to my favorite podcast.  Tim Keller remarked…

If you are a non-trinitarian, an only-1-god-in-1-person sort of Christian, a, “Jesus was a nice guy, but not really God-in-the-flesh,” sort of believer, then you’ve got a god who never loved anybody until he created the world. 

A god who existed from all eternity, but until he created at least the angels, he never experienced relationship.

An imperfect god who created in order to fulfill a need – a love need.  A god who created so that he could experience love.

But the God of the Universe did not create in order to get love. {He already knew relational, fulfilling love as the Triune God.} No. He created to give love.

Ahhh. My lungs inhaled deep this breath of fresh perspective on the God I love. For God is Love {1 John 4:8}.  He is eternally, inherently relational.  God didn’t create love, nor does he need our love.  He was, and is, and always will BE love.  And we love only because He first loved us {1 John 4:19}.

Yeah for another chink to the armor of doubt and defeat! Indeed we are God loved. We are I AM loved. We are BE loved.

We love

May the God of all Love lavish you this weekend with the knowledge of His love for you – His beloved.


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