I could sit here for hours…{The Chickens Hatched!}

I hunched over the chicks.  Thirteen of them! I had prayed for one, just one to survive 19 days of our young family’s inexperienced {and sometimes volatile} care.  And then I caught my own faithlessness and begged for a brood.  Abundant life right before our eyes.  He answered with thirteen.

I hunched over thirteen chicks.  Their fine fur almost too soft to detect on our fingers.  Their awkward attempts at attacking the watering trough en mass.  Their almost  frantic decisions to simultaneously peck at the feed or narcolepticly fall asleep atop one another.  (Did you know chicken eyelids close from the bottom up?) I could sit here for hours…

New Life

And then I realized.  Only the unbroken shells remained. Life only emerged from the cracked and broken. From new life daring to break through old defenses.  From the now empty places.  Is this, as Ann VosKamp put it, how emptiness sings?

Is this brood of abundant life a living reminder of His promise to me? A brooding, chirping, mesmerizing assurance that He came to give me life abundant {John 10:10}?

I could sit here for hours…