Be still and know {FREE Give-away!}

Two weeks ago {via Facebook} I launched Crossing Jordan’s One.Word.Bible.Study on Psalm 46:10

Be still7

Well…in true Tracey fashion, I got sidetracked and completely forgot to finish the study on the VERY LAST DAY! On the VERY LAST WORD: God.

He is, and was, and always will be.  He is the Word.  He has the Word. And always will be the last word. God.

Sooo, in honor of FREE for Friday…

Won’t you join me in a free, last-second opportunity to jump into our One.Word.Bible.Study? And by participating, also enter into a FREE Give-away {!!} All comments will automatically be entered into a drawing to receive…

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They designed this:

Be still9

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Be still10

and even this:

Be still11

Good Luck!  And may your Friday be full of laughter, love, and knowledge of His Life in you!


Q4U: What did you learn from Psalm 46:10?


6 thoughts on “Be still and know {FREE Give-away!}

  1. Tracey this was such a great way to reflect on scripture. For me it really helped pull out more meaning from that verse by disecting each word. I really tried to apply each word to the “ordinariness”of my day and God revealed some cool little things to me that made the day not so ordinary….I hope you do this again!

  2. I love how the NASB version says to “cease striving” in place of be still. If I Am always ‘doing’ am I being still to His voice. It’s an encouraging reminder to be that Every Day I need to die to myself. I love the verse in a song , ” cause in your perfection I’m just a reflection, so pull my closer to you…” Thank you for sharing encouraging me Tracey.

  3. This week…BELOVED was on my mind. Thanks for helping me see this ONE WORD in a whole new light!

  4. I loved day 3–what could have been a quick glance at the word ‘And’, turned into a closer look at what came before and what followed after and why they needed to be connected so intimately. Thanks for prompting us to go deep!

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