Free for Friday {5 FREE Meals}

Alright friends. Are you hungry?  Could you use a bite out of the Bread of Life to fill you up? How about a FREE meal?  Or Five?

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It seems many around me hunger and thirst after righteousness, and yet rarely find time to sit at the table, eat, and drink.  Their days crowd out their desires.  Their pressures push aside their pleas.  They go unfed, malnourished, and weak from wanting.

But there is hope for the hopeless and sure enough – bread for the hungry!  Even the busy, bustling, and boisterous ones of us who bounce though life like my 10-yr old on a trampoline.  One small bite can satisfy.

So what does any of this have to do with FREE for Friday?  Just this:

What we BE come when I AM is living in us begins with what {or Who} we allow in us. What have you allowed to fill your days?  Your hours?  Your moments? Would you have just one moment to give to the One who offers the Bread of Life?

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This week’s BE attitude (God Attitude, or I AM Attitude)?

BE transformed {by His Word}

This week I offer you Five Free Meals at the Table.  Five FREE ways to sit, eat, and drink of His Word despite {or in spite of} the world that would keep you at bay. So take a seat.  Relax.  And enjoy the Food!

  1. Max McLean’s Listener’s Audio ‘Bible in a Year’ iTunes Podcast {FREE!} – Click Here
  2. You’ve Got the Time: 40 Days Thru the New Testament iTunes Podcast {Yes. FREE again} – Click Here
  3. Set Times.  That’s right.  Set a timer for noon. 6PM. Whenever!  Dare to close your eyes to the world and open your heart to the Lord in prayer – The Lord’s Prayer. {Just in case you need a refresher – Click Here, or Here, or Here, or even Here}
  4. Pray A Psalm. While all those little monkeys are occupied at the table, unwrap your meal and share it’s life-giving Truth aloud.  Better yet, let every one who has breath read aloud with you {after chewing, of course}. Click Here for Tim Keller’s take on the subject.
  5. Sign up for Crossing Jordan’s exclusive One.Word.Bible.Study! That’s right.  Next Friday we’ll kick off our very first community bible study –  You have time for that, right?

{Click Here and Here} to get the FREE download and {Here} to receive the instructions.  Or be one of the first ten people to sign your name below and I’ll send you a FREE copy of the mini book direct to your doorpost.  Don’t forget to add your name to the list in the comments below :).

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Enjoy your weekend!  And may God bless you with a deeper understanding of what it means to BE transformed.



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