Free for Friday {FREE Printables!}

Be still5

I am BE loved.  You are BE loved.  We are God loved, I AM loved, the God-of-the-universe loved!

The beatitudes are now the BE Attitudes (the God Attitudes, or the I AM Attitudes).  Descriptors of what we can BE come when I AM is living in us (Giglio, p159).

Think about it…

BE loved

BE still

Be still

BE known

BE come

BE transformed

Be still3

So what does this have to do with FREE for Friday?

Just this:

I’ve created an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the BE Attitude: BE still.

{Click here} to go there now!

Be still4

Or {here} to go there now!

Be still2

Or {here} to go there now!

Enjoy your weekend!  And may God bless you with a deeper understanding of what it means to BE still.