It’s Two for Tuesday! {2Qs4U}

Proverbs 31

Isn’t this beautiful??  And it’s a free download off Pinterest. Find more by clicking {here}

It’s your turn.  We want to know…

Q1: What quiet-time activity draws you nearest to the Lord?

{Specifics, please! Titles, How-to’s, Methods}

Q2: How do you create time alone with God?

Respond in the comments below, and I’ll reveal our teachings of kindness this Friday.  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “It’s Two for Tuesday! {2Qs4U}

  1. Q1- Worship! Praying Scripture.
    Q2- As a homeschool mom, I find that hard to do. And I don’t even have little ones making demands all day! My BEST quiet time is in my room, music on, Bible in hand, after the day is done and everyone is in bed. Only when my DH is working nights, though.

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