Free for Friday {5 Easy Steps to a BeLoved Day}

It’s nearly Love Day Time to start preparing…

If you missed the hub-bub about Love Day, the day to tell those children of ours about the love of Christ.   To either fill their hearts once a year with tokens of an imperfect love, or fill it regularly with treasures of perfection.  To remind them that God loves them with an everlasting love.  Then check out the post here.

Now…onto the fun!

  • Step #1: Get Inspired!

Love Day

Laura Beth over at A Step in the Journey created this simple, lovely banner from left over dictionary pages.  All good ideas are worth borrowing…so let’s borrow!

Love Day Banner-15

~ Our version of the original.  Not quite the same, but then again, aren’t all works of art unique? ~

  • Step #2: Shop! {A 45-minute trip to AC Moore yielded…}

Love Day Banner-1~ Brown paper bags (those were free) ~ 6″ White doilies ~ 8″ decorative doilies ~ Washi tape (yup, that was new to me too) ~ 3″ letter stickers ~ red glitter heart stickers ~

Love Day Banner-2

Love Day Banner-3

  • Step #3: Measure, Cut, & Paste

Love Day Banner-7~ Lay paper bag sideways ~ Mark 4 1/2″ measurement on bottom ~ Mark 9″ measurement on top ~

Love Day Banner-8

~ Draw straight lines connecting marks ~ Cut with fancy scissors (my 8 yr old had a pile of these…I hope yours does too, otherwise it’s another trip to AC Moore for you) ~

Love Day Banner-9

 ~Notice you’ve cut two flags at once ~ STOP! ~ Don’t cut off the excess.  Just cut along the crease separating the two (you’ll need the flap to glue to the string later) ~

Love Day Banner-10

~ Make sure you use the side WITHOUT pencil marks ~

Love Day Banner-11

 ~ Now you have 10 flags ready to go ~

Love Day Banner-4

~ Glue letters onto 6″ white doilies (notice I did NOT say peel and stick.  These suckers needed glue!) ~

Love Day Banner-5

Love Day Banner-13

~ Paste 6″ doilies onto 8″ doilies ~ Paste whole thing onto paper bag flag ~ (“What’s with the matchbox?” you ask?  That’s my standardized measurement tool 🙂 ~

Love Day Banner-12

~ Accessorize with the Wasabi Tape (Did I say that?…hmmm, reminds me of sushi). I mean Washi Tape, really.  I do. ~

Love Day Banner-14

~ Place gobs of glue across inside flap of paper bag flag ~ Run rope, ribbon, chord, whatever you got along seam ~ Press & Seal

  • Step#4: Display Prominently!

Love Day Banner-15

~ Hung up proudly right inside the front door! ~ {Oh yea.  I forgot the part about decorating 3 additional flags with heart stickers.  But you see that now, so you won’t forget.} ~

Love Day Banner-16

“Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the LORD loves rests between his shoulders.” – Deut 33:12

  • Step 5: Share the Love {With Love Day Cards for All}

Love Day Banner-20

~ Instead of Valentines Day cards, the girls and I decided to make Love Day Cards ~

Love Day Banner-17

~ Using most of the supplies from the Love Day Banner… ~

Love Day Banner-18

~ And a FREE antique heart printable!! {Download yours here} ~

Love Day Banner-21

~ We decorated the inside of blank card stock ~

verses 1

~ Cut out the individual verses from my new printable(!): The Love of God {Download yours here} ~

Love Day Banner-19

 Addressed it to our friends ~  And signed it! ~ Walla!  Even this engineering-minded Momma figured it out.

The Love of God is greater far than tongue or pen can ever tell.  Beloved, let us then love one another as He has loved us. (John 13:34)

Q4U: How do you plan to celebrate Love Day? Won’t you share with us in the comments below? {please, please I want to see pictures}


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