It’s Two for Tuesday! {2Qs4U}

It’s been a wild weekend.  Two children down with the stomach bug.  One Momma going down slowly with flu-like symptoms.  And two more waiting in the wings for whatever may come. And, of course, all while Daddy’s away on a trip.

Sicky Day

So for this Tuesday’s 2Qs4U, I thought I would share two quotes, instead of 2 questions.  Well…actually they’re just thoughts from me, but if I cite myself can I call them quotes?

Q(uote)1: I may defend myself behind a ring of fire


Q(uote)2: God preserves me behind His band of “brothers”.

I woke up at 1:30 Monday afternoon to find:

– 2 of my well children on a field trip with a neighbor (the same neighbor that arrived to feed us breakfast, bring us medicine, and give me a nap)

– my sister-in-law sitting in my living room caring for a sick boy

– Dinner delivered to our back door

– no less than 4 messages on my answering machine checking in on us

– Every bathroom, every handle, every doorknob, every surface disinfected (twice!)

Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, “brother”, have refreshed the hearts of the saints. – Phil 1:7