It’s Two for Tuesday! {2Qs4U}

Last week I asked a few questions about the typical American family.  Here are the answers you’ve all been waiting for:

3d human with a red question mark

Q1: How would you finish this statement?

Who people become as adults – their thinking and behavior – is largely determined by what happens in their hearts and minds by age ______?

The Answer?  13 

 Q2: The family  is one of the primary influences on that statistic.

Yes, folks, that right!  You as the parent fill the primary role of who your children become as adults. And while they may legally reside in your household until age 18, your primary window for opportunity closes before they graduate from 8th grade.

Revolutionary Parenting

If these statistics scare you just a bit (and you’re not alone!) check out what George Barna has to say about revolutionizing the America’s Christian parenting.  Revolutionary Parenting by Geroge Barna.

Now, onto rhetorical question #2 of the day:

Q: Will God ever love you more than He loves you right now?

Tune in next Sunday to read more…