It’s Two for Tuesday! {2Qs4U}

Last Sunday I wrote about changing our perspective on gifts.

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Q1: How do you help your children look up when their hands are empty?

Q2: How do you lay it down when they’re holding tight to gifts?


3 thoughts on “It’s Two for Tuesday! {2Qs4U}

  1. simply stated, when their hands are empty I tell them to look around. We see everything we are not thanking God for. “Look at the table and food we are gathered around” or “look at the friends that want to get a letter from you in the mail” (when moving gets us down). So many times, my kids are asking for more when they have just been given plenty. Truthfully, I don’t know if my kids or any I know truly know what it is to be empty handed…
    Secondly, I have a particular child that has a really hard time letting go of anything. She values memories associated with the treasures, whether it be toys she has outgrown but still likes to play with when small children are around or an old note card envelope reminding her of the exact date her friend thought of her to put it into the mail. With this I look at the heart of the matter which usually has little to do with the tangible item and much more the need to connect with a person.

    • Stacy, thank you for your always timeless words of wisdom. I have a “treasure holder” too, and its especially difficult for me to even walk into her room. Thank you for the perspective on her heart. Isn’t it always about perspective? If only my eyes could see more clearly…one day they will, and I will be standing in the arms of perfection.

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